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20 Little Things That Will Help Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is just intelligence having fun! Flex your creative muscles and boost your brain power with these handy tips.

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2. Have a change of scenery.


The old adage of "clearing your head" is old for a reason. Stepping away from the computer for a quick walk gives your senses fresh stimulation: new sights, smells, and sounds that could spark something useful.

5. Embrace being completely and utterly wrong.

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Like, get over yourself, yeah? Rejection forces us to get creative and try to find a new solution. As they say, there's no such thing as a bad idea.

8. Reconceptualise!

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In other words, take a new angle. Researchers found that a key trait of creative people is that they spend more time analysing the problem before they begin to tackle it. When next faced with a tricky question, try asking yourself "what's the real issue here?"

9. Tell fear to take a hike.

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New experiences give us new perspectives. Whether it be fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of heights, or fear of just about anything – facing them forces us to challenge our preconceptions. And proving ourselves wrong once can make ourselves think differently about a whole raft of new things.

10. Start writing things down more often.

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Even if an idea seems nonsignificant, by committing it to paper you're creating space in your head for brand new ideas. It also helps stop you from forgetting an idea and rethinking it a week later...

14. Take an improv comedy class.

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A terrifying thought for many, but improvisation exercises can supercharge your ideation skills. By being challenged to react without hesitation, your brain is forced to turn off its filters. It can actually be pretty liberating!

16. Find somewhere to relax and put your feet up.

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Sure it doesn't feel productive, but stress isn't going to get you far. The more relaxed you are, the more likely ideas are to flow freely. If you feel like you're hitting a wall, take a quick break to reset your mind and ready yourself to tackle the problem afresh.

18. Take some puzzling decisions.

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Crosswords, sudokus, wordsearches – all of these get your mind muscles going by thinking up different approaches to find a solution.

(And my god, that feeling when you fully complete a crossword...)

19. Failing all that...get drunk.

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Believe it or not, recent studies show that there is a link between creativity and alcohol. While concentrating too hard can restrict creative faculties, alcohol can have the opposite effect and relax us, as well as making us more imaginative – both conducive to problem solving. But of course, keep it real. There's nothing inspirational about crying over the toilet.

20. Then have some well-earned sleep.


Sometimes, it's best just to sleep on it. Try focusing on a question or saying it out loud just before you switch the lights off, and plant the seed before you head to dreamland.

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