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11 Awkward Moments That Will Make Your Palms Sweat Just Thinking About Them

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1. First date with the person you've met from a dating app.

2. Job interviews where you're freaking out about forgetting how to speak.

3. Public speaking or presenting to people.

4. Being stuck as third wheel out with a couple and they end up fighting in front of you.

5. Having to lie to your S.O. about why their favourite thing has gone missing because you're hiding the fact you broke it.

6. When you're behind someone ordering food and trying to make sure you remember your order and not mess it up.

7. Buying something that's totally normal and fine but you feel the cashier is judging you.

8. Having to sit next to someone super hot on public transport as you daydream about the wedding day that will never happen.

9. Dealing with friends that ask to share food with you when you're a bit of a germaphobe.

10. Saying "you too" to the cashier at the movies who says "enjoy the movie."

11. Running into your ex when you know you're not looking your best.

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