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10 Simple Phone Hacks That Will Bring You Unlimited Happiness

DIY into that happy place and get the BEST devices at the BEST prices at Sprint!

1. Turn an old sock into a workout band.

2. Turn a wristband into a phone bumper.

3. Use laundry clips to make a detachable cord wrap.

4. Use two paper clips to make a phone stand.

5. Coil your tangled cords with heat and a pencil.

6. Put a cup in your shower to make an easy speaker for waterproof phones.

7. Frame photos through your sunglasses for an easy polarizing lens.

8. Use glow-in-the-dark tape to find your phone in clutter.

9. Point light directly at your phone to create natural IG filters.

10. Use a plastic bag to create a hands-free screen.

Images from Getty. Images of phones from Sprint.

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