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This Baby Monkey Was Found Clinging To His Dead Mother's Back

A touching story about the power of maternal instincts and a lucky baby monkey

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While there, they found a dead female Green Vervet Monkey. Upon closer inspection, this baby monkey was discovered clinging to her back.

Tricyn states, " I won't lie, I teared up when I had to tell a little girl who was watching that the mommy was just sleeping when we had to pull the baby off in front a group of children"

After a short ferry ride, baby monkey spent a night cozy with fluffy towels in a makeshift crib laundry basket. He got a couple hours of sleep, 1 banana, some peach fruit, and a jar of baby food.

In the morning, they took him to one of the "monkey hot-spots", Shipwreck.

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Shipwreck is a popular restaurant and bar on the Caribbean Ocean that backs up to the forest and mountains and is known for its large Green Vervet Monkey population.

Here's a video of how it all went down

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"Monkey Adoption Day"

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