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12 Questionable Trends You Probably Jumped On In 2015

We get it, your eyebrows were #onfleek. Seriously, we get it.

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1. The Condom Challenge

Dropping condoms filled with water on people's heads seems legit.

3. On Fleek

Come on now. No seriously, come on.

8. Songs With Dance Moves

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We've whipped, we've nae nae'd, we've hopped out the Porsche, and hit the quan... This year has been the biggest year of the dance-move song since the Macarena (and that was a big'un).

11. Dubsmash

Instagram: @nataliejvclark

OK, this one is actually still pretty fun...

Yep, there definitely were some questionable trends in 2015 that we couldn't help but get involved in. While we're reminiscing, check out Spotify's Year In Music – the only tool you'll need to remember all of the musical moments that made your year.