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14 Playlists You Definitely Need If You're A Student In University Or College

Who knew there was a playlist for passive-aggressively getting your roommate to stop belting out songs in the shower?

Being in undergrad means your life basically has a soundtrack.

From the early morning workouts to the pensive commutes to the late-night dorm hangs, every moment has its own rhythm and lyrics.

Even when you're studying for finals, you need something to keep the beat.

Luckily for you, Spotify has a playlist for just about everything.

1. Like when you've got an exam to study for and you need to tune out everything else:

2. Or when you're heading into an exam you definitely didn't study for but are hoping to ace anyway:

3. There's one for when you're trying to drown out the sound of your roommate practicing songs in the shower...

4. ...and one for when you both discover your shared love of Canadian hip-hop:

5. There's one for when you match with someone super cute who also goes to your school...

6. ...and one for when they turn out to be the TA in your smallest seminar.

7. There's even one for when you take that first weekend road trip with your new friends.

8. Trying to caffeinate for class and keep calm at the same time? Stream this:

9. Hosting your first-ever apartment party? Do it up:

10. Here's one for when it's been 15 minutes and the teacher still hasn't shown up for class.

11. And one for when class is about to start but you just missed the campus shuttle:

12. "What should I put on when I'm trying to study but decide to order delivery pizza and scroll social media instead?" Huh, funny you should ask:

13. "What about when I'm just lying on my bed doing NOTHING?" Uh-huh:

[deep inhale] "What about when I'm just super overwhelmed by everything about undergrad and feeling nostalgic for the simplicity of high school...?"

14. Yep, there's one for that too.

Spotify Premium for Students is just $0.99 for the first 3 months and $4.99/month after that, for as long as you're in school. Unlike exams, it's a literal no-brainer.

Limited eligibility, not available to users in Quebec. Terms & Conditions apply. Offer ends 10/22/2018.

Images courtesy of Spotify Canada. Additional images by Getty Images.