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12 Spotify Playlists For Every Canadian Occasion

No matter the season, no matter the event, there’s a playlist for that. Check out all of Spotify’s fire playlists today!

1. Life Sucks when your hockey team loses the cup.

2. Time to Dance when it’s the first snow day of the season...

3. …or Hibernate if snow is your foe.

4. Relax & Unwind when you’re relaxing on the dock for May 24.

5. Carburant Pop-Rock for power-skiing all over Whistler.

6. Loud and Proud when you’re feeling like a star celebrating all the colours of the rainbow during Pride parties.

7. All About Country when you just can’t wait for the ultimate stampede in Calgary.

8. Canadians Rock! at your Canada Day party when you’re feeling extra proud of your country.

9. Je me souviens for your first solo adventure exploring Quebec.

10. Rock Your Block to blast with the windows down on your way up to cottage country.

11. Poutine Is Routine when you’re so amped the snow has finally melted…in April.

12. Tears of Maple Syrup when you have those bittersweet moments when you remember that being Canadian is the greatest.

All images via Tyler Naugle (c) BuzzFeed

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