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14 Reasons Why Music Is A Student’s Best Friend

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1. Music is more than just a soundtrack to your college years — it's a classmate, a wingman, and a BFF!

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2. It will wake you up after you've snoozed through five alarms.

3. It will buy every ticket to your one-person shower show.

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4. It's there when you need to drown out the sound of your roommate’s annoying phone calls.

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5. And there to be your personal therapist when your crush breaks your heart.

6. It keeps you awake through those late-night study sessions.

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7. It's your partner in karaoke crime as you make up terrible choreography on the fly.

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8. And connects you to new friends with similar interests.

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9. It adds a little excitement to your otherwise menial chores.

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10. It keeps you going during a workout with promises of junk food afterward.

11. It's there to keep you in check when you're going insane during exams.

12. And gets you in the zone with a pep talk before you dive headfirst into those exams.

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13. And there's no one with whom you'd rather celebrate once you ace those freakin' exams.

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14. And now that you can stream music all the time and anywhere, it's like having your BFF with you 24/7!

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