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14 Reasons Why Music Is A Student’s Best Friend

Who else was your study buddy, karaoke partner, and morning motivator?! Let Spotify Premium for Students be the ultimate student survival guide for just $4.99 a month. Limited eligibility. Terms apply.

1. Music is more than just a soundtrack to your college years — it's a classmate, a wingman, and a BFF!

2. It will wake you up after you've snoozed through five alarms.

3. It will buy every ticket to your one-person shower show.

4. It's there when you need to drown out the sound of your roommate’s annoying phone calls.

5. And there to be your personal therapist when your crush breaks your heart.

6. It keeps you awake through those late-night study sessions.

7. It's your partner in karaoke crime as you make up terrible choreography on the fly.

8. And connects you to new friends with similar interests.

9. It adds a little excitement to your otherwise menial chores.

10. It keeps you going during a workout with promises of junk food afterward.

11. It's there to keep you in check when you're going insane during exams.

12. And gets you in the zone with a pep talk before you dive headfirst into those exams.

13. And there's no one with whom you'd rather celebrate once you ace those freakin' exams.

14. And now that you can stream music all the time and anywhere, it's like having your BFF with you 24/7!

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Make the most of your time as a student with the help of Spotify Premium for Students, offering boundless musical possibilities — like this Good Vibes playlist — for as little as $4.99 a month.

Limited eligibility. Terms apply.

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