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12 Charts That Perfectly Sum Up Music In 2016

Baby, this is what you came for.

1. Feel like a starboy or stargirl by jamming out to the playlist This is: The Weeknd.

2. Have more than one dance with the playlist This is: Drake.

3. Have your cake and eat it too with DNCE's self-titled debut album, DNCE.

4. Keep yourself company with the ultimate Bieber playlist, This is: Justin Bieber.

5. Be too good to you with Top Tracks of 2016 Canada.

6. Illuminate your night with the glory that is Shawn Mendes.

7. Get up close and personal with the rhythm of Selena Gomez's Revival.

8. Keep up with all the hottest hip-hop beats on Hip-Hop Central.

9. Feel all the feels At Night, Alone. with Mike Posner's reflective comeback album.

10. It'll be worth it to hit play on 7/27 24/7.

11. There are even more cheap thrills to be felt on Sia's deeply emotive This Is Acting.

12. Get wasted with all your heathen friends while blasting Top Tracks of 2016 Canada.

All images via Spotify

Music is there for us for all occasions. Sure, 2016 was a bit weird, but it had an amazing soundtrack. Listen to this year’s hottest collection of artists, albums, and tracks with Spotify Canada’s 2016 Wrapped.