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17 Artists To Watch Out For In 2017

There is a lot of good music to look forward to in 2017. Check them out today on Spotify.

1. Aaron Fontwell

2. Blaise Moore

3. Charlotte Day Wilson

4. EMP

5. Fjord

6. Jahkoy

7. James Barker Band

8. Jessie Reyez

9. Kiki Rowe

10. Matt Holubowski

11. Michelle Treacy



14. Royal Tusk

15. Safia Nolin

16. Tep No

17. Willa

Canadians have dominated the charts in 2016, and judging by the latest roster of homegrown talent, it looks to be no different in 2017. Feeling nostalgic? Look back at the artists, albums, tracks and moments that made 2016 such an amazing year in music with Spotify Canada’s 2016 Wrapped.