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25 Songs Surely Written For The Perfect Slow Dance

From the songwriter's heart, straight to the hardwood – these preciously paced classics of new and old make up a definitive set that keeps us wishing someone would extend their hand. #NowFeeling oh so swoony, thanks to Spotify.

May we have this dance?

1. "Crimson and Clover" – Tommy James and the Shondells

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

The chorus surely rings "over and over" for a reason – this one's been making romantic memories unforgettable since 1968.

2. "Fade into You" – Mazzy Star

Ebet Roberts / Getty Images

It was a backdrop for a '90s teen movie dream coming true – and probably yours at one point, too.

3. "Have I Told You Lately" – Van Morrison

Marc Marnie / Contributor / Getty Images

Sure you've heard Rod Stewart's take in your favorite dentist's office or grandma's house, but no one can deny the original stylings of Van Morrison tumbling through his thankfulness for a heart of gladness and erasure of sadness.

4. "All My Life" – K-Ci & JoJo

Hiroyuki Ito / Contributor / Getty Images

All your life... you were waiting for that tall blonde with the bowl cut to sweep you away for a few minutes with these immortal one-hit wonders around 7th grade or so.

5. "How Do I Live" – LeAnn Rimes

Paul Natkin / Getty Images

Just hold your love a little tighter during this one, and they'll figure out how to survive...

6. "When a Man Loves a Woman" – Percy Sledge

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Michael Bolton couldn't hold a candle to the belting passion of Percy Sledge, who original posited this beautiful premise in 1966.

7. "Wild Horses" – The Rolling Stones

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

It sure sounds sweet when Mick Jagger is singing to you, especially when saying nothing could take him away...

8. "Right Here Waiting" – Richard Marx

Paul Natkin / Getty Images

Wherever you go, whatever you do, at least one person – Richard Marx – will certainly be right there waiting for you.

9. "One Sweet Day" – Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men

Paul Natkin / Getty Images

Sorry I never told you you'd never be able to hear this song again without welling up at least a FEW tears...

10. "Wonderful Tonight" – Eric Clapton

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

The song you wish your parents would've turned off after too many spins, but deep down know your kids will feel the same way when you subject them to the same romance in smoldering blues.

11. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" – Aerosmith

New York Daily News Archive / Getty Images

So powerful and heartfelt, it'll endure an armageddon before it goes away anytime soon.

12. "Back At One" – Brian McKnight

NBC / Getty Images

Perhaps the mot productive song to play at school dances so everyone remembers their numbers outside of class time.

13. "Amazed" – Lonestar

C Brandon / Redferns / Getty Images

Sometimes being under a microscope — one you may not even know about — can yield really beautiful results. Every little thing that you do...

14. "Harvest Moon" – Neil Young

Mark Perlstein / Contributor / Getty Images

So insanely romantic, the moon would hang on your behalf just by pressing play.

15. "Kiss from a Rose" – Seal

Michel Linssen / Getty Images

Intense romance in a world of mystery and darkness, eclipsed only by the coinciding legend of its lead singer singing along to it in silk pajamas in the pouring rain.

16. "Truly Madly Deeply" – Savage Garden

Martin Philbey / Getty Images

Love so strong it rings from the tops of mountains to the bottom of the seas – but not enough to keep the members of Savage Garden together, who have apparently not spoken since their breakup in 2001.

17. "I'll Be" – Edwin McCain

NBC / Getty Images

I'll be... shocked if you don't immediately transform into a primetime teen soap character waiting for the love of their life to sweep them away as soon as this comes through the stereo.

18. "End of the Road" – Boyz II Men

Afro Newspaper / Gado / Getty Images

How can you walk away when the singing stops and a plea in baritone spoken word starts? Get BACK on the road and keep going!

19. "When You Say Nothing At All" – Alison Krauss

Russ Harrington / Getty Images

A beautifully tame take on the importance of body language.

20. "If You're Not the One" – Daniel Bedingfield

Rob Verhorst / Getty Images

Talk about a gut feeling.

21. "Time After Time" – Cyndi Lauper

Chris Walter / Getty Images

If you're lost, you can listen to this classic that's been comforting couples for 30 years.

22. "Maybe I'm Amazed" – Paul McCartney

Hulton Archives / Getty Images

Baby I'm amazed that Paul McCartney could be so vulnerable that no other man's lyrical confession could likely come close. Leave it to a Beatle.

23. "I Will Always Love You" – Whitney Houston

Fotos International / Contributor / Getty Images

Bless Whitney Houston for skyrocketing Dolly Parton's initial take into the romantic stratosphere.

24. "All or Nothing" – O-Town

Jeffrey Mayer / Getty Images

Of all the boy bands in our youth, somehow the one with the shortest and strangest lifespan gave us arguably the single most timeless and memorable song from the era. All or nothing, indeed.

25. "Can't Help Falling in Love" – Elvis Presley

RB / Getty Images

Even now, your love is going to leave you for Elvis' ghost singing those lyrics with that undeniable croon. Just face it.

With Spotify, no dance has to be your last.

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