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12 Cosmic Playlists Perfect For Every Astrological Sign

These playlists are out of this world. Scroll below to find a Spotify playlist to match your sign... and personality.

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Arieses are independent, self-assured, and love being adventurous. They hate being bored by routines and feeling repressed.

Lucky Colors: Blood Red and other bold colors

Lucky Gems: Jasper and Ruby


Being a Taurus, you are most likely stable, patient, and reliable. You like traditions and nature and don't like feeling rushed.

Lucky Colors: Pastel shades

Lucky Gems: Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire


If you've ever met a Gemini, you know they're friendly and can talk your ear off. They enjoy thinking and exploring, but don't ever try to slow them down.

Lucky Colors: Saffron Yellow and Azure Blue

Lucky Gems: Topaz, Agate, and Aquamarine


Cancers are very sensitive and emotional people. They like feeling comforted and secure, and they naturally dislike unpredictable change and impulsiveness.

Lucky Colors: Green, Silver-Grey, Cream, and White

Lucky Gems: Opal, Pearl, and Moonstone


Roaring Leos are usually proud, strong-minded, and dramatic. They really love passion and being noticed, but do not appreciate boredom and nagging.

Lucky Colors: Gold, Orange, and Yellow

Lucky Gems: Carbuncle, Ruby, and Diamond


Virgos are highly efficient and focused. They need logic in their lives and will probably never tell you a lie. They also don't like being late.

Lucky Colors: Saffron Yellow and Azure Blue

Lucky Gems: Topaz, Agate, and Aquamarine


If you're a Libra, you're most likely loved by everyone you meet. Known to be creative and charming, you really like attention, but really hate having to make decisions.

Lucky Colors: Pastel shades of pink and blue

Lucky Gems: Lapis Lazuli, Cornelian, and Sapphire


Oh, Scorpio, you are intense, but that also makes you very passionate. You love being in control and having privacy, and you hope no one ever tries to surprise you.

Lucky Colors: Black, Charcoal Grey, Maroon, and Red

Lucky Gems: Topaz


Sagittariuses are extroverted and continuously optimistic. They love to surround themselves with scholarly friends and can get very competitive. They hate feeling lazy.

Lucky Colors: Beige, Bronze, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Red, and Violet

Lucky Gems: Turquoise

You definitely want a Capricorn on your side. They're known to be practical, duty-bound, and as reliable as days that end in Y. They like crushing lofty goals and frown upon impulsiveness.

Lucky Colors: Black, Earth Tones, Indigo, and Orange

Lucky Gems: Garnet


It's the age of Aquarius, and if you know one, you know anything can happen! Water bearers are unconventional and unpredictable. They love hanging out with pals, but can get a little jealous.

Lucky Colors: Aquamarine, Electric Blue, and Turquoise

Lucky Gems: Aquamarine

If you're a Pisces, you're a friendly free spirit. They enjoy esoteric beliefs and exploration. They do not enjoy feeling vulnerable.

Lucky Colors: Silver, Sea Greens, Mauve, Purple, and Violet

Lucky Gems: Amethyst

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