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22 Kickass Lady Drummers Who Are The Definition Of Cool

These chicks with sticks sure know how to keep the beat. Rock on, ladies. Listen along with this rundown of rhythm queens right now on Spotify!

1. Samantha Maloney

2. Maureen "Moe" Tucker

3. Hannah Ford

4. Maya Tuttle

5. Cindy Blackman

6. Elaine Bradley

7. Régine Chassagne

8. Karen Carpenter

9. Kim Schifino

10. Debbi Peterson

11. Scarlett Stevens

12. Janet Weiss

13. Sandy West

14. Anna Prior

15. Meg White

16. Vicky Jean Smith

17. Torry Castellano

18. Caroline Corr

19. Gina Schock

20. Carla Azar

21. Pamela Racine

22. Terri Lyne Carrington

Keep rocking on with these rad women on Spotify!

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