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20 Totally Awesome Pink Floyd Treasures

Any act with such a rich musical legacy has an equally passionate legacy of fandom to match. These are just a handful of the amazing pieces fans own, or can buy, as tribute to their Pink Floyd love. Get in touch with yours by streaming the band's catalog in full on Spotify!

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1. This sweet birdhouse, so even they can sing along to Dark Side.

2. This cozy lyric pillow.

3. An incredible guitar strap, handmade by a husband and wife in England.

4. A cat-friendly print quoting "Lucifer Sam."

5. A hand-lettered illustration of "Echoes" from Ireland.

6. A rainbow-laden lamp made from the band's cassettes.

7. This communicative cross-stitch.

8. This Animals mosaic made from Pantone swatches.

9. Paintings of each band member featuring nods to each of their musical contributions from an artist in France.

10. These little Zelda mash-up cufflinks.

11. This insane shirt from the Division Bell tour.

12. A glitter-enhanced original press copy of Wish You Were Here.

13. A super rare gig poster from the last show of 1977's "In The Flesh" tour.

14. A rare shirt that actually features the band member's faces.

15. "Bricks In The Wall" nail glitter for the girls.

16. This metal "Wall"-et.

17. This decorative stained-glass panel for the bright side of the sun.

18. This incredibly rare '87 world tour top.

19. A neat little nesting doll set.

20. Pairs of album cover custom kicks.