20 Happy Thoughts We’ve All Had On The Last Day Of High School

Bittersweet, schmittersweet. Forget all your worries – blast these tunes as you scoot out of the parking lot one last time and get stoked to start a new chapter of your life! #NowFeeling FREEDOM!!! Sing along and share the news with your fellow seniors that Spotify Premium is just $4.99 a month for college students!

See you never, Teenage Wasteland!

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2. “Goodbyeeeeee, AP Chem!”

Alexandra Juhasz / CC BY http://2.0 / Via youtube.com

3. “I’m never going to have to worry about asking for a bathroom pass during class again!”

4. “Sayonara, Mr. Adams!”

5. “I can’t believe we never got caught skipping class!”

6. “Today’s the day I become a real-life adult!”

7. “I never have to take another awkward school picture ever again!”

8. “Hahaha! No one knows that I was the one who put the Kool-Aid in the fountain!”

We Own The Night / Via pamelamariesantos.tumblr.com

9. “I can already taste the freedom, and it’s better than anything they ever served in the cafeteria!”

10. “College is going to be so… much… BETTER than this!”

11. “I can officially burn my gym uniform!”

Wet Hot American Summer / USA Films / Via mygiftoyoula.tumblr.com

12. “It doesn’t even matter that I forgot to return my library books!”

Danny Brown / youtube.com / Via rapgifs.tumblr.com

13. “This might be the last time I see my frenemy, Amy!”

Supermarket Sweep / Al Howard Productions / Via gifbay.com

14. “I’m gonna get so much action in the fall!”

15. “Adios, locker 224!”

16. “I’m never going to have a curfew ever again!”

17. “I could do whatever I want right now, and not get expelled!”

18. “I’m never going to have to memorize another flash mob for as long as I live!”

19. “Dang, I am unstoppable today!”

\ / Via gifbay.com


Congrats and happy trails to college. Enjoy a sweet summer and shout out loud right now with Spotify.

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