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VCU fans take to Richmond streets to celebrate team making it to Final Four(video)

VCU students had a mini-riot when team advanced into the Elite 8 in NCAA tournament. They just beat Kansas to advance to Final Four, had to expect this was coming. Richmond is the place to be right now! Minus the tear gas*, of course... *=seems it was just fire extinguisher gas, no tear gas, fyi.

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  • OMG, she is gonna die

    Tear gas....

  • More tear gas, really richmond police...was that necessary??

  • Helicopter footage

  • Best angles....Sky and ground level

  • More kids on top of news trucks...nice...

    More tear gas...

  • Driver's perspective

  • Weird kid strips to celebrate... -_-

  • Vuvuzelas return...

  • Kids are even climbing buildings

  • Statutes are getting shirted

  • The HUMANITY!!!

  • VCU spidermen

  • Kid scaled street sign..nice..


  • 11:36 mins of madness