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    UConn Fans Celebrating NCAA Win

    UConn beat Butler in possibly the "Worst Championship Game EVER." Of course, kids rioted. It has happened before. In any case, Congrats UConn on your win. Butler, two Championship games back to back and come up empty, has to hurt. They are about to become the Buffalo Bills of the NCAA.

    • How much tear gas do they have?

      -_- Was that a serious question?

    • Dance Party, nice..

    • Let there be fire

    • Just meandering the crowd...

    • At least they took it out

      Remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires.

    • Self harming UConn fan, thats nice..

      Or he could be practicing his Sandman entrance routine, ECW fans know what I mean...

    • Trying to flip cars?

      Calm down kiddies...

    • Dumpster fire..

      -_- Burning trash smells...

    • via

    • Now, UConn's official video of celebration...


    • UCONN's Niels Giffey is German, who knew?

    • Hey Kemba, how about one more year?

    • USA TODAY poll as of 6:07 AM

      Not as brutal as I expected...

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