• How much tear gas do they have?

    -_- Was that a serious question?

  • Dance Party, nice..

  • Let there be fire

  • Just meandering the crowd…

  • At least they took it out

    Remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires.

  • Self harming UConn fan, thats nice..

    Or he could be practicing his Sandman entrance routine, ECW fans know what I mean…

  • Trying to flip cars?

    Calm down kiddies…

  • Dumpster fire..

    -_- Burning trash smells…

  • via

  • Now, UConn’s official video of celebration…


  • UCONN’s Niels Giffey is German, who knew?

  • Hey Kemba, how about one more year?

  • USA TODAY poll as of 6:07 AM

    Not as brutal as I expected…