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19 Animals Who Wished They Could Go Pro

While animals don't understand the rules of sports, they definitely know how to steal the spotlight. Here are 19 animals who took over sporting events and created their own "DaDaDa" moments.

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1. In 2009, a cat charged the field during the very first game at New York's CitiField.

TSN SportsCentre / Via

Thankfully for Mets fans, it wasn't a black cat.

2. This year, a marten ran on the field of a Swiss soccer game and bit the player who captured it.

GlobalTVz / Via

A wild mammal bite to the hand isn't the worst thing that can happen in a game played with your feet. This guy played the next game.

3. In 2011, a Brazilian soccer dog evaded capture for three minutes.

ViralGarbage / Via

Players chasing feral dogs around the field is almost as entertaining as a minor league soccer match.

4. This apparently happens a lot in Brazil...


In another 2011 game, a poorly trained police dog got on the field and wouldn't let go of the ball.

5. Elephants love soccer just as much as dogs.


However, unlike dogs, it's a little harder for them to sneak onto the field.

6. We already knew dogs love almost every sport.

Original video by Omar von Muller / Via

Just look at all of the accomplished skateboarders out there.

Watch the full video here.

7. Animals interrupt golf more than any other sport.

TSN SportsCentre / Via

These ducklings recently got stuck in a sand trap during a tournament in Australia.

8. A bear interrupted the 2008 U.S. Senior Open.

SportsCenter / Via

Adding bears to the courses of senior golf events was widely regarded as a disastrous attempt to improve ratings.

9. In 1998, a seagull grabbed a ball off the green during The Players Championship.

TSN SportsCentre / Via

This resulted in a one-stroke penalty for the player, which seems entirely too harsh.

10. In 2007, this furry guy nearly met his demise on a Formula One racetrack.

TSN SportsCentre / Via

He must be angry. We'd be very upset, too, if someone built a race track on top of our house.

11. In 2007, a kangaroo joined an auto race in Australia.

ESPN SportsCenter / Via

This is either the world's dumbest or most irrationally confident kangaroo.

12. At this year's Wimbledon, super slow-motion cameras captured a very lucky bug.

ESPN / Via

The bug wanted to play a few points. Surprisingly, the match was not halted to remove this animal.

13. Instead of rushing the court, this cat is training for next year's Wimbledon at home.


She has a team of lawyers poring over the international tennis rule book. So far, they've found nothing that says cats are prohibited.

14. Football is popular for animals, too.

ESPN / Via

Uga, the University of Georgia mascot, took part in a game in 1996, going after Auburn's star wide receiver.

15. In 1994, a squirrel charged the field of a Packers game.

ESPN SportsCenter / Via

The little guy nearly sacked a young Brett Favre.

16. Another squirrel tried to steal third base during a 2008 baseball game between the Indians and White Sox.

SportsTime Ohio / Via

However, he was ruled out after he left the base path.

17. In a 2006 Pacific League game in Mexico, a promotion went awry and a piglet got loose.

ESPN SportsCenter / Via

The team mascots were responsible for getting the piglet off the field... because, of course.

18. And in an epic 1991 showdown, an owl took the field of a Texas Rangers game.

TSN SportsCentre / Via

The owl challenged Jose Canseco to a duel but was held back by an umpire.

19. This chimp wanted to challenge Canseco, too.


However, he couldn't fly onto the field like an owl and was stopped by security.

Whether it's an animal going nuts on the field or something in your everyday life, whenever you hear "Da-Da-Da, Da-Da-Da," you know something amazing just happened.

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