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15 Unconventional Athletic Feats You Have To See To Believe

Some of the most amazing athletic moments take place with groups of friends in backyards and empty fields. Here are 15 people experiencing their own “DaDaDa” moments.

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1. This is the Michael Jordan of pool basketball.


From inside the house!

2. And this is perhaps the greatest play in the history of backyard, trampoline basketball.

3. And this young Rube Goldberg is not too shabby at the trick shot, either.

4. These friends invented the sport of freestyle, off-roading on a half-pipe.

5. Don't EVER tell this girl that cup stacking isn't a real sport...

6. ...or tell this guy that juggling is just for clowns.


You might get hurt.

7. This guy is the king of the hybrid t-ball/basketball trick-shot world.

8. This Frisbee guy dominated the benches at his local park.

9. This kid invented a new, awesome style of skateboarding.

10. And this kid makes a compelling case for Razor scooters being cool.

11. These dudes mastered hats...

12. ...and are almost on this guy's level.

13. The soccer gods bestowed the gift of accuracy on this guy.

14. This guy is a soccer Jedi.

15. And no one even knows what this is, but it's super athletic... and kinda weird.

Disclaimer: Not all of these stunts are real.

Whether it's sports on TV or a trick you mastered in the backyard, whenever you hear "Da-Da-Da, Da-Da-Da," you know something amazing just happened.

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