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    29 Ways To Hack Your College Dining Hall

    All the cool stuff you can make with your meal points.

    Because eating in college doesn't have to suck. That's why we're here.

    All photos and hacks originally appeared on Spoon University.

    1. Southwest Breakfast Burrito

    Devon Flinn / Via

    Yes, this is made in a crappy dining hall. Learn how here.

    2. French Toast in a Mug

    Rebecca Siminov / Via

    For when you need brunch but they already started serving lunch. Make it like this.

    3. Deconstructed Taco On-The-Go

    Steven Shaltiel / Via

    Late night or for class, this is the hack of the century.

    4. Mason Jar Pasta Salad

    Max Bartick / Via

    A little from the pasta station, a little from the salad bar, some meat from the sandwich spot and you're golden. Full ingredients here.

    5. Waffle Sandwich

    Devon Flinn / Via

    Because waffles > white bread. Learn how to hack it here.

    6. DIY Shirley Temple

    Joyce Li / Via

    Wizardry. Hack right here.

    7. Copycat Portillo's Cake Shake

    Emma Danbury / Via

    Make-shift at its finest. Here's how.

    8. Chipotle Burrito Bowl Jar

    Grant Sarbo / Via

    For when you're on the go. Here's how.

    9. Chocolate Overload Oatmeal

    Kristina Kim / Via

    Dessert for breakfast. Here's how.

    10. Cream Cheese French Toast with "Caramelized" Bananas

    Irene Kim / Via

    Sunday hangover brunch, anyone? Here's how.

    11. Veggie Delight

    Devon Flinn / Via

    This sandwich though. Learn how to hack it here.

    12. Stacked Waffle Parfait

    Irene Kim / Via

    Oh my gooey-ness. Hack it like this.

    13. Taste-Just-Like Apple Pie

    Josie Schwartz / Via

    This combo of flavors legit tastes like the real thing. Learn what they are here.

    14. Fairy Bread

    Dylan Barth / Via

    Janky, but sweet. Deets here.

    16. Healthy Banana Split

    Clarisse Callahan / Via

    So damn easy. Recipe here.

    17. Belgian Waffle Sliders

    Rachel Berkowitz / Via

    S'cute. Here's how.

    18. Makeshift Deviled Eggs

    Ivy Wanta / Via

    Easier than you'd think. Info here.

    19. Savory Oatmeal

    Kristina Kim / Via

    Porridge no more. Learn how to upgrade here.

    20. Pizza Panini

    Tarika Narain / Via

    Hybrid like a champ. Learn how here.

    21. Dessert Panini

    Tarika Narain / Via

    Enough grilled cheese. Nutella here.

    22. Dining Hall Bruschetta

    Yair Sakols / Via

    Bougie. Here's how.

    23. Pico de Gallo

    Grant Sorbo / Via

    Make use of that salad bar. Easy recipe here.

    24. Root Beer Float

    Joyce Li / Via

    Betcha never thought you could indulge in the dining hall. Learn how here.

    25. Tater Tot Grilled Cheese

    Arden Sarner / Via

    Waiting in line for the waffle maker is suddenly worth it. Full recipe here.

    26. Tabouleh Panini

    Victoria Georgetti / Via

    27. Pizza Mac

    Grant Sorbo / Via

    All you need is some Easy Mac and a trip to the salad bar. Full deets and 6 more Easy Mac hacks right here.

    28. 3-Ingredient Baked Apple

    Zoe Guttenplan / Via

    So fresh. Here's how.

    29. White Wine Sangria

    Grace Goettman / Via

    All you need is to bring the wine. Recipe here.

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