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    25 Tasty Cocktails With Three Ingredients Or Less

    More drinks, less effort.

    1. Adult Root Beer Float

    Amanda Gajdosik / Via

    Beer. Ice Cream. Yes. Here's how.

    2. Piña Colada

    Keni Lin / Via

    ♫ If you like dancing in the rain ♫ Here's how.

    3. Blended Sangria

    Megan Prendergast / Via

    Perfect for a summer brunch. Here's how.

    4. Mason Jar Moscow Mule

    Keni Lin / Via

    Mix and match. Recipe here.

    5. Skittles-Infused Vodka

    Sarah Strong / Via

    Exactly what it sounds like, and tastes even better. Here's how.

    6. Salty Pickle

    Justin Swan / Via

    Yes, those are Riffles on the rim. Here's how.

    7. Hot Mint Chocolate Toddy

    Keni Lin / Via

    Okay, it's getting warm but this is so good. Recipe here.

    8. Drunken Snow Cones

    Dan Dao / Via

    Just throw some booze in your snow cone and you're good to go. More here.

    9. Grapefruit Mimosas

    Kelly Logan / Via

    Believe in brunch again. Recipe here.

    10. Orange & Ginger Infused Wine

    Savannah Carter / Via

    Boost your immune system while you drank. Here's how.

    11. Vodka Sunrise Shot

    Kelly Logan / Via

    Like the tequila, only it doesn't remind you of spring break. Here's how.

    12. College Beer Cocktail

    Natalie Van Brunt / Via

    Looks janky, but tastes better than your frat party beer. Here's how.

    13. Salty Dog

    Justin Swan / Via

    Shake it up like this.

    14. Tea-Infused Beer

    Stephanie DeVaux / Via

    Upgrade on a classic. The hipsters approve. More combos here.

    15. Dirty Shirley

    Marissa Arnett / Via

    Not what you drank as a kid. Here's how.

    16. Irish Coffee

    Phoebe Melnick / Via

    Wake up right. Here's how.

    17. The Costco Margarita

    Katherine Richter / Via

    Yes, Costco. Save those dollars. Here's how.

    18. Jello Shots

    Marissa Arnett / Via

    Party up in here with these.

    19. Hydration Drank

    Margaret Weinberg / Via

    Avoid a hangover with some Gatorade in your drank. Make it like this.

    20. Double Layered Shots

    Margaret Weinberg / Via

    Insta or it didn't happen. Shoot 'em like this.

    21. Aperol Champagne Cocktail

    Tarika Narain / Via

    So classy. Here's how.

    22. Kahlua Gun Shot

    Katya Simkhovich / Via

    Ice cream in your alcohol - win win for everyone. Here's how.

    23. Floral Champagne

    Tarika Narain / Via

    Elderflower, anyone? Recipe here.

    24. Moscato & Sprite Sipper

    Adam Weiss / Via

    Sweet. Steps here.

    25. Raspberri-tini

    Bailey Culpepper / Via

    Can you say summer? Here's how.