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23 Reasons Being Home From College For Summer Is Actually Amazing

One word: food. (via Spoon University)

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1. When you first get home and see a stocked refrigerator and pantry.


Because the memories of binging on boring college food like this are still fresh.

2. Waking up to your favorite breakfast courtesy of Mom or Dad.

Find your brekkie soulmate here.

3. Not worrying about your roommates eating the food in your pantry. / Via

Even though you miss using these well-deserved kitchen pranks on them.

4. Going to the grocery store and picking out the slightly more expensive versions of your favorite foods because your parents are picking up the bill.

Money-saving tips have a time and place—every day and in your apartment.

Money-saving tips have a time and place—every day and in your apartment.

5. Going to a nice restaurant and letting your parents pick up the bill.

When you eat out without parental supervision, keep these etiquette tips in mind.

6. Eating real food that doesn't need loads of extra salt and pepper.

7. No. More. Dining. Hall.

Even though you're the master of these dining hall hacks.

8. Having a huge variety of snacks for your late-night, at-home Netflix binges.

Plus, more better-for-you snacks to maintain your bikini bod.

9. Being able to make all the food on your Pinterest boards.

Pinterest cooking challenge: consider yourself well done.

10. Having a normal sized kitchen to do normal, adult cooking in.

It's time to take a non-academic course in Kitchen 101.

11. Visiting all your favorite local restaurants regularly.

Nothing replaces the feeling of being recognized by the staff at your go-to local dive.

12. A freezer full of popsicles, all day every day. Thanks, Mom.

Yummy frozen treats: tastes so good, but brain freeze so bad.

Yummy frozen treats: tastes so good, but brain freeze so bad.

13. Having every single spice at your disposal, not just salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.

14. And OMG IF your parents have a garden: Finally, you get fresh, natural food of the gods.

Canned food can't come close to these summer fresh fruits and veggies.

15. And maybe the most powerful and holy Kitchen-Aid that costs more than your month's rent.

Angel Food Cake: the only recipe that seems holy enough to be mixed in its glorious bowl.

16. Utilizing all of the makers that fit comfortably in a normal kitchen: waffle maker, panini maker, quesadilla maker.

17. When you have friends over and your mom asks if you guys want snacks.

*Brings out tray of TV show inspired snacks*

"Do you girls want some 'Oliva Pope-Corn'?"

"Nah, I'd rather have Liz Lemon's 'Night Cheese', please."

18. Free coffee.

This DIY iced coffee, or that French pressed coffee. At home it's your coffee, your way.

19. Free alcohol.

20. Free food everywhere.

Save these ways to score free food for when you're back at school.

21. When your family orders pizza, it's more like an event, rather than another MTWThF night at some unacceptable hour.

Or actually making this homemade, fancy pants pizza.

22. Shouting "MOMDAD" when you're having a cooking emergency instead of trying to juggle your cellphone and a pan that's on fire.

Maybe after this summer they'll trust you enough to let you to use the butane torch. oooooh.

23. Eating every single crispy, juicy piece of food that your Mom or Dad cooks on the grill.

Then out-grill your old man after mastering these grilling tips.

Spoon University is an online food publication a for college students by college students. Its blogging network has more than 900 student contributors at 35 campuses nationwide.

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