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17 Totally Genius Ways To Flavor Popcorn

You need these for your next Netflix binge.

1. Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and White Chocolate Popcorn

Alina Polishuk / Via

The crunchy kernels with smooth chocolate and PB make this a perfect munchie to pair with basically any movie. Recipe here.

2. Chai Caramel Corn

Alex Furuya / Via

Nothing is better than a chai tea latte on a chilly autumn day. Now you can make this super-simple and seriously addicting chai-flavored popcorn using just a few simple ingredients. Make it like this.

3. Peppermint Bark Popcorn

Hannah Skiest / Via

Whoever thought of combining dark chocolate and peppermint is a genius, but imagine that rich peppermint bark drizzled over some crunchy and salty popcorn. Recipe here.

4. Sriracha Sesame Popcorn

Alina Polishuk / Via

This Asian-inspired popcorn recipe is perfect for all hot sauce lovers, and the sesame adds an irresistible nutty flavor. Here’s how.

5. Tequila Caramel Popcorn

Megan McCormack / Via

Tequila and popcorn aren’t the first combo that come to my mind, but this booze-infused recipe is a great snack for when you’re on the go, or when you’re headed out to the club. Make it like this.

6. Garlic and Herb Popcorn

Chelsea Hawk / Via

This savory popcorn is a great alternative to carb-loaded garlic bread. You can check out other popcorn recipes such as those pictured above, or find the original recipe here.

7. Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn

Alina Polishuk / Via

The creamy Parmesan cheese is complemented by the rosemary's slight herby flavor. Recipe here.

8. Choco-Cinnamon Popcorn

Anna Beckerman / Via

This warm, cinnamon-flavored, chocolate-covered popcorn is definitely one you’ll want to try out. Recipe here.

9. Everything Bagel Popcorn

Benj Shapiro / Via

Imagine that everything-bagel flavor in your mouth in a popcorn version that you can eat all day, everyday. Make it like this.

10. Cookies ‘n' Cream Popcorn

Benj Shapiro / Via

Give your popcorn a little cream and your cookies a little extra crunch, by making this Oreo and popcorn mash-up. Make it like this.

11. Popcorn S'more Candy Pie

Aurelie Corinthios / Via

A slice of this pie made of graham cracker crust, chocolate, marshmallows, M&M's, and salty popcorn is definitely not for the faint of heart. Make it like this.

12. Curry-Dusted Popcorn

Brooke Gabriel / Via

Keepin’ this snack on the savory side, this Indian-inspired curry powder popcorn will introduce you to a whole new world of flavor. Find the recipe here.

13. Chocolate-Drizzled Popcorn

Kirby Barth / Via

Whether you need a midday snack or are in need of a late-night treat, this chocolate-drizzled popcorn is a quick and easy way to hop on that sweet-and-salty bandwagon. Here's how to make it.

14. Popcorn Balls

Megan Suckut / Via

A unique twist on of this classic snack, popcorn balls take the crunchy corn to a whole new level. Watch how to make ’em here.

15. Cheddar Dusted Popcorn

Lexa Rowland / Via

If you’re tired of the same old vending machine snacks, this Cheetos popcorn recipe will fix that. Learn how here.

16. M&M's Popcorn

Rachel Livengood / Via

This M&M's popcorn is literally the easiest snack to make and only requires two ingredients and a microwave. (Somewhat obvious) recipe here.

17. Microwave Popcorn From Scratch

Caitlin Schnack / Via

DIY microwave popcorn offers the convenience of microwavable popcorn without all the extra chemicals from fake butter and loads of salt with just a brown paper bag and some popcorn kernels. Here's how.

Original article written by AmiLin McClure for Spoon University.

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