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    Posted on Jul 4, 2014

    13 Seriously Last-Minute 4th Of July Recipes

    Stop being a bad American and give in to the need to make something red, white, blue, and edible this Independence Day.

    Remember that one guy who didn't bring anything to your Fourth of July party last year?

    How could I forget...

    Yeah, the one that ate all the dessert and drank all the beer.

    Don't even get me started about the cake balls.

    That guy is the worst American I know.


    Wait, that guy was you.

    Awkward. Well, It's not too late to whip up one of these recipes and impress everyone with your hospitality skills, even if you totally dropped the ball last year.

    This year don't be that guy. Everyone hates that guy.

    1. Flag-shaped fruit sticks / Via Spoon University

    Trick your friends into thinking that you slaved away making dessert with this impressive looking pile of fruit.

    2. Mini 'cheescake' parfaits / Via Spoon University

    Seriously, you can put together these bad boys in minutes.

    3. Captain America cheesecake / Via Spoon University

    Sadly, no, you can't put Chris Evans in a cheescake, but this superhero-inspired treat is sure to save the day.

    4. Banana boats / Via flickr user Emilian Robert Vicol

    Forget about cooking, just bring the good stuff. Make these banana boat s'mores, or other easy grilled dishes, right in front of your friends' eyes. Oooooh.

    5. Patriotic punch / Via Spoon University

    Nothing screams "I am proud to be an American" more than a red, white and blue clad patriot who's three shots deep. With or without the booze, this punch is perfect for celebrating the land of the free.

    6. Star-shaped pigs in a blanket / Via Spoon University

    Who knew puff pastry could be so patriotic? Americans, so inventive. Learn how to make this appetizer here.

    7. Blue and white-dipped strawberries / Via Spoon University

    Proudly respecting the unsaid rule that only true Americans wear and eat red, white and blue things on Fourth of July. Find this quick recipe here.

    8. Red, white and blue cake balls / Via Spoon University

    This may take you a little more time, but these bite sized red (shocker) velvet cake balls are worth it.

    9. Red, white and blue soda / Via Spoon University

    Pure sugary, carbonated bliss. This refreshing drink will keep you cool until the last firework goes off.

    10. Patriotic Oreo Pops / Via Spoon University

    Melt the chocolate. Stick the stick. Dip the cookie. Sprinkle the sprinkles. BOOM. It's an Oreo firework on a platter. Click here for more detailed directions.

    11. Festive fruit cocktails / Via Spoon University

    Another red, white and blue drink, but spiked in true star spangled style.

    12. Cheese and Sausage Balls / Via Spoon University

    Doesn't get more American than this. Oh wait, it does when you dip them in mayo.

    13. Homemade hummus

    Crank this hummus out in five minutes. Serve it with some crackers, or use it one of these ten ways, and convince everyone you're America's new Martha Stewart.

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