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15 Useful Hacks Every Egg Lover Should Know


1. Fish out a broken egg shell by using another egg shell:

2. The same thing works with a bit of water:

3. Make the easiest two-ingredient breakfast ever with eggs + bananas:

4. Poach eggs in the microwave:

5. Scrambling eggs in the microwave works, too:

6. Use eggs as a DIY face mask:

7. Combine Nutella + egg for a makeshift soufflé:

8. Cook eggs in other foods:

9. Toss eggs in a waffle maker:

10. Easily separate the whites from the yolks using a plastic water bottle:

11. Master the art of microwave quiches:

View this video on YouTube / Via

All you need are a few items from your fridge (most of the ingredients are easily substitutable), a microwave, and a mug. Here’s how.

12. Make eggs last longer by freezing them:

13. Use eggs as a base for make-ahead muffin-tin snacks:

14. Use the float test to check if an egg is past its prime:

15. Make hard-boiled eggs in a coffeemaker:

Original article by Lily Lou for Spoon University.

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