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    14 Ways To Upgrade Your Favorite Frozen Foods

    Frozen food can still be tasty AF.

    1. The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

    Shalayne Pulia / Via

    Filed under: The best way to combine frozen sausage patties and hash browns. Make it like this.

    2. Pasta Primavera

    Lily Allen / Via

    This easy pasta primavera dish is the perfect way to perk up frozen veggies. Recipe here.

    3. Mac ‘n Cheese-Stuffed Ramen Burger Sliders

    Shalayne Pulia / Via

    What to do when you have frozen beef and leftover mac and cheese? Combine them with that ramen package in the back of your pantry and make these mini burgers. Recipe here.

    4. Toasted Uncrustable Ice Cream Sandwich

    Shalayne Pulia / Via

    If you’re a texture person and you haven’t tried freezing Uncrustables yet, you’re missing out. Toasting them afterwards takes it to another level altogether. Recipe here.

    5. Carbonara-Inspired Ravioli and Sausage

    Shalayne Pulia / Via

    Creamy carbonara sauce gets a lighter almond milk makeover to play off frozen peas in this recipe. Make it here.

    6. Frozen Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

    Stephanie Nguyen / Via

    One way to avoid wasting brown bananas is to freeze them once they pass over the peak of ripeness. Then, you can transform them whenever you want to. Make it here.

    7. Citrus Ginger Salmon Bake with Garlic Spinach

    Shalayne Pulia / Via

    Everything in this recipe is baked in a tinfoil “tent,” which makes for a ridiculously easy cleanup. Just roll it up and toss it away. Recipe here.

    8. Sweet ‘n Spicy Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches

    Shalayne Pulia / Via

    Brunch like an all-star with this recipe repurposing frozen waffles and Cheez-Its as a crunchy crust. Make it like this.

    9. Spicy Lemon Caper Seafood Pasta

    Shalayne Pulia / Via

    Having frozen pre-cooked fish on hand is an easy way to dress up any pasta dish. Recipe here.

    10. Frozen Spinach Smoothie Bowl

    Shalayne Pulia / Via

    What to do will all your leftover frozen fruits? Blend them into a mega smoothie bowl like this one. Make it like this.

    11. French Fry Pizza

    Kristi Cook / Via

    Frozen fries, how I love thee. Recipe here.

    12. Apple Cinnamon French Toast Waffles

    Dylan Barth / Via

    Ride the sugar high through the rest of this semester with these simple apple cinnamon waffles with crushed cinnamon cereal. Recipe here.

    13. Chicken Fingers 5 Ways

    Thomas Sireci / Via

    Now you can upgrade your frozen chicken tenders five different ways. Try 'em here.

    14. Amped Up Frozen Pizza

    Matthew Blair / Via

    These hacks upgrade your favorite frozen pizzas with extra cheese, meat, spice, oil or herbs. Try them here.

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