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31 Foods You Should Learn To Make In College

Becoming a real person means you need to figure out that whole cooking-for-yourself thing.

1. Eggs (at least two ways)

2. Chicken Breast

3. Bacon

4. Avocado Toast

5. Stir Fry

6. Grilled Cheese

7. Fancy Instant Ramen

8. Easy Pizza

9. Microwave Cake

10. Green Smoothie

11. Healthy Wrap

12. Overnight Oats

13. Sweet Potato Fries

14. Guacamole

Video by Amanda Schulman / Via upenn.spoonuniversity.com

Stop wishing you had a bowl of guac to yourself and go ahead and make it. Yes, we're giving you permission to eat as much as you want. Watch this video now.

15. Roasted Vegetables

16. French Toast

17. Chili

18. Mac N' Cheese

19. Baked Potato

20. Chopped Salad

21. Hummus

22. The Eggocado

23. How To Cook With Beer

24. Penne Pasta

25. Mini Bagel Breakfast Sliders

26. Tuna Sala

Video by Jane Kim / Via nu.spoonuniversity.com

Put those tuna cans to good use.

27. Quinoa Salad

28. Chocolate Chip Cookies

29. Fruit Smoothie

30. Salmon

31. Yogurt Parfait

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