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15 Desserts That Don't Take Forever To Make

Sweets, stat.

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6. Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Hanna Lundgren / Via

Just four ingredients for a vegan chocolate treat. (That ~doesn’t~ have avocado, BTW, for any of you avo haters.) I like mine topped with chopped nuts or fresh fruit, but this is where you can get creative. Get the recipe here.


11. 1-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Kate Walsh / Via

Because we all have those days when we’re too lazy to make a quick drive to the nearest store to buy a pint of ice cream. Make this instead, and you can say you got some fresh fruit and ice cream all in one dessert. Get the recipe here.

12. Pecan Pie Muffins

Kathleen Lee / Via

Making a pie is great, but it can be a huge timesuck. These pecan pie muffins provide the same flavor in a miniature version, which is exactly what you need when you’re debating whether or not to make a whole pie for yourself. Make these at home here.

13. Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

Sarah Stettin / Via

You know how you have a secret craving for pumpkin-flavored desserts, even if you’re sick of hearing about pumpkin spice lattés? This recipe combines chocolate + pumpkin for an autumn-inspired treat that's good enough to eat in any season. Learn the recipe here.

15. No-Bake Oreo Cake Balls

Megan Clarkson / Via

Unless you’ve found some magical mug cake recipe, it seems like most of them turn out kinda wonky (and they don’t taste that great either). But this one does — and the Oreos make it even better. Try them at home here.

Original post by Jedd Marrero for Spoon University.


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