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Which Season 1 Twin Peaks Character Are You?

There are so many personalities in this tiny town of Washington.

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  1. 1. Which of the following beverages would you most like to drink?

  2. 2. Someone you really care about asks you to do something morally questionable to help them out. How do you respond?

    I agree because we are on the same team, though it might keep me from some other business that I'd rather attend to.
    If they're my friend, I know they're asking me for a good reason. My people are the best of the best. I agree to do what my friend asks.
    Although I suspect my friend is up to no good, I go along with their plan. Chances are I will turn them in if I find they are up to something criminal, because I won't be able to stop them on my own.
    I'll do it, but I want my cut!
    I follow a strict moral code, and I also know what my friend is like. If they're up to no good, chances are I already know. If I am going to go along with this, my friend will have to do more to assure me.
    For the most part I go along with the crowd. I'll do what my friend asks because I don't want to be left out or disowned by them.
    I'm probably the one asking people to do something they shouldn't do. And they will say yes because they love me.
    I will do what I want in the long run. What my friend wants does not really matter, and I'll probably figure out a way to work this to my advantage. And they'll never realize what I've done!
    I like a little walk on the wrong side of the tracks from time to time. Sign me up!
    I like my friend, but he is also incredibly ignorant. No, I believe I'll make my own choices and they can pursue this venture without me.
    I agree, but I keep a cautious eye. I want to trust my friend, but I also know that human nature is by default self serving.
  3. 3. Which fabric or clothing pattern most appeals to you?

  4. 4. You have a frightening and confusing dream that seems to be some sort of premonition. How do you react?

    My dreams can't tell me what to do!
    My world is not generally populated by dreams. It probably has something to do with that certain someone I can't stop thinking about, but chances are I won't heed the dream.
    I have all kinds of dreams in which I am doing horrible things. At this point, it seems normal and I don't consider it any further.
    I assign a lot of meaning to my dreams. I think about what happened to be today and revisit every moment of my waking life so that I can figure out why I dreamed such a thing.
    I don't have a lot of experience with this sort of thing, but I know people who do. So, I'll call them up and ask about it. No need to be embarrassed.
    This is the sort of thing I exist for. I'm glad.
    I find the dream exceedingly perplexing, but I won't be able to puzzle it out. In the long run, I'll shrug it off.
    This would not happen. I don't dream. And if it did somehow, I would make it somebody else's problem.
    I find it curious and alluring. I might ask someone about it, but I might also keep it to myself for my own enjoyment.
  5. 5. What kind of vehicle would you like to drive?

    Something compact, with space only for me. I don't enjoy passengers.
    A big truck that can haul a lot of stuff and take me where I want to go.
    Something that gets good gas mileage. I once had a car with terrible mileage and I really regretted that purchase.
    Something quiet. I do not like a noisy engine. There will be no noise from my car!
    I prefer something open so I can get away and feel the wind in my hair.
    I don't usually drive. I prefer to be chauffeured from place to place.
    I want to drive the same car my best friend drives.
    I am flexible to drive in whatever kind of motor vehicle is required. So long as the seat is comfortable.
    Standard issue car please, with a few embellishments to make the ride more comfortable.
    I'm always catching a ride with someone else, so I don't guess I need a car.
  6. 6. How do you like to spend a Saturday night?

    Something leisurely, if I can make time for it. A good book in an armchair, or listening to nature.
    Doing something creative, like making something.
    Going for a long drive to clear my head.
    Something to make others feel uncomfortable, like people watching.
    I would hang around somewhere that would seem strange to others. But really I would just be thinking about things.
    Just being myself and relaxing. Maybe some fishing or cooking up some dinner.
    Spending time with my significant other. I'll let them choose what we do.
    Treating myself to something and turning in at a decent hour. It may be the weekend, but I still have to keep my mind sharp.
    I'll pretend I'm doing something boring, but then I'll sneak out and do something really regrettable.
    I'm not telling you!
    If I'm lucky I'll get to spend it with the person I love. But, if not, then I'll probably just work on something that needs attention.
    I'll see what my friends are up to and go from there.
    Whatever seems fun at the time.
    I would like to do something really exciting, but I might have to tag along with some people I don't really know to do it. That's okay with me!
    I want to be somewhere I definitely shouldn't be.
    Whatever is easiest is best for me. Just keep it simple.
    Whatever it is, it'll be solitary.
    I'll gather up my buddies to get into something. It may be a little illegal, but nothing too bad.
    Every Saturday is different for me. I like to know lots of different people.
  7. 7. If it came down to it, could you murder someone?

    Not at all, even though I probably seem like the type.
    I don't like to think I could, but if it came down to it I likely wouldn't think twice.
    I could only do it if someone really encouraged me to.
    It's not really something I think about. I think if I saw a murder, I would not be phased.
    Definitely not. Murdering someone would have an awful lot of strings attached that I wouldn't want to deal with.
    Totally, if they got in my way.
    It's not really in my nature to murder, but it would probably bring people a lot of sadness so I might try to figure out a way to accidentally kill someone.
    Oh, no no no. No, I couldn't do that.
  8. 8. Choose a pet

  9. 9. Which moral alignment are you?

    Lawful Good
    Neutral Good
    Chaotic Good
    Lawful Neutral
    True Neutral
    Chaotic Neutral
    Lawful Evil
    Neutral Evil
    Chaotic Evil
  10. 10. You realize that you are going to be late to an appointment with a coworker. What do you do?

    It's probably someone else's fault that I'm behind. I'll use that as an excuse.
    I'll tell them the truth when I arrive. I'm really honest, and I just spaced out and didn't pay attention to the time. I'll apologize and mean it.
    I'm actually glad I'm late, since I was supposed to be at that meeting. I like to break the rules.
    I will just explain that I was helping someone out, and that's why I'm late. It's not something that has happened to me in the past.
    I'll show up when I want to show up! They'll have to deal with it.
    I'll see if anyone else is late and try to blend in with them.
    I'm sure they will think I'm late for some reason that would make me look bad. I might explain myself at a later time.
    I would just put on a sweet face so they would forgive me without any real apology. Most people are glad to have my company, and I need to be on this person's good side.
    I would just sit down and start talking about something unrelated. Best to avoid the subject.
    I would call ahead to tell them I'm sorry, but I'll be late. Then when I arrived I would tell them I'm sorry, I was late.
    I had things to do that kept me. If they want to take issue with that, I guess we will have words.
    I would show up at an unexpected time to conduct business. Since I missed the meeting, I might as well move it to whatever time and place I want.
    I would bring some sort of gift as an apology. No use in having someone mad at you.
    I honestly probably wouldn't even notice I was late until they pointed it out later.
  11. 11. Do you read your horoscope?

    I don't, because I feel like I make my own way.
    Sometimes I read my horoscope, but if I don't like what it says I'll choose to interpret it in my own way so that it's more to my taste.
    The stars can do magnificent things. While they may not directly affect my life based on their position at the time of my birth, I still believe they are worth considering.
    Sure, I'll give it a look over breakfast. You never know where you might find inspiration.
    No. That's stupid.
    I would rather use my own intuition to interpret the world. So, no.
    Yes. I just love to speculate about the unknown.
    I'll read it over because it might remind me of something else important. Anything can have meaning.
    What's it to you?!
    I like to read horoscopes with someone I care about. It's not much fun on your own.
    I'll read it, but I won't remember it. I'm not even sure what my sign is.
    Horoscopes? You've got to be kidding...
    I'll read mine, and then I'll read my best friend's to see how they overlap.
    I like to make up my own horoscopes!
    Those things don't make much sense to me.
    If it's short and sweet, I'll read it. But, I don't want to invest too much time in something that doesn't seem like it means much.
    I'm a virgo, so that's the sort of thing a virgo would do. I'll read it.
  12. 12. Which of these colors/sets of colors most appeals to you?

Which Season 1 Twin Peaks Character Are You?

You got: Laura Palmer

Everyone seems drawn to you, even though you are a secretive and sometimes abrasive person. At your core, you are sweet and have an obligation to what is right, but you also can't help yourself and are oftentimes drawn to the darkness...and large men and the things they can do to you. You enjoy dancing in dark barrooms and are guilty of indulging in naughty behavior, like the use of recreational drugs. Meanwhile, you're quite charming and are mostly the result of your upbringing.

Laura Palmer
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You got: Donna Hayward

You are just trying to figure out who you are. For the most part, you are a sweet person who only sees the best in others. You do your best to help out your friends and support them in their endeavors, whether it's becoming the strongest member of the school wrestling team or singing minimalistic love ballads in living rooms. At the same time, you are confused about your own identity. You have a tendency to change your behavior based on which of your friends are around at the time. They all really just love you for who you are, though. So, you should just be yourself!

Donna Hayward
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You got: Major Garland Briggs

You know more than people give you credit for, and always seem to be working in the background of everything. Contemplative, and philosophical, it seems like you always have a calm disposition. In spite of being so dedicated to your career, you make time for family and have a vision of what your future with them looks like, and you make time for yourself. Leisurely activities like night fishing are a necessary element of your being, even if they do have a tendency to get interrupted by work!

Major Garland Briggs
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You got: Special Agent Dale Cooper

Though you like your bacon cremated, you are a sunny disposition sort of fella'. You're intuitive and observant; and though you have some odd characteristics, people usually find them endearing. With a great sense of style and a fondness for somewhat mundane pleasures, like a good cup of coffee, you are the kind of person who knows the path to true contentedness.

Special Agent Dale Cooper
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You got: Shelly Johnson

You're a follower in the truest sense of the word. Even though you have an internal drive to make the best of your life, you often find yourself at the will of others. Especially romantic partners. Allow yourself to find someone that you can simply enjoy a tender moment with, perhaps over massive massive quantities of pie. It'll be beautiful, just like you are, inside and out!

Shelly Johnson
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You got: Leo Johnson

You are an alpha type, for sure. You like to call the shots, and for you a successful relationship is on in which your partner does as you command! That isn't to say you don't have some positive qualities. You are a strong person, and tend toward physical pursuits. You also know how to lead others, and when to get out of a situation when things start to go bad. Just watch out though. If you aren't careful you'll end up with blood on your hands, or your favorite shirt!

Leo Johnson
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You got: Agent Albert Rosenfield

Here's the thing, you blithering hayseed, you are so sarcastic and straightforward that it causes people to hit you. And they mean to do it! You are always just trying to cut to the chase, as a down to business person. Deep down, you are even fair and compassionate. But, nobody would ever know it. While those who are accustomed to this behavior see you for what you are, even at times apologizing for you in advance; being a hard worker who puts aside social niceties will get you into trouble when you encounter someone new. If you're lucky, it will work out in your favor once they get to know you. Sometimes though, you probably find that you are disliked, and that others do not want to partner with you. Not that you care!

Agent Albert Rosenfield
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You got: Nadine Hurley

What a human you are! You're a dreamer and a creative individual. You see something you want, whether it be a wrestling championship or complete and total silence, and you make it happen. The funny thing is that other people really stay out of your way in the process. You almost always have the support of those around you, even though they may think what you're doing is a little strange. Of course, you don't really need their support. You're and inventor, after all! And so strong!

Nadine Hurley
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You got: James Hurley

You just want to get on your bike and go! As an incredibly sensitive person, you find that you are almost always the subject of someone with a stronger personality. When you're interested in someone, you are quite giving and sincere, and it pretty much always results in heartbreak for you. It's surprising, because you have a rough exterior, and run with a tough crowd. But, you're gentle and poetic, and just a little too easy to manipulate. Don't get me wrong though, you're cool. You've always been cool.

James Hurley
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You got: Owl

Truly, nobody really understands what's up with you. You aren't what you seem.

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You got: Sheriff Harry S. Truman

You're so genuine, and that's why people get attached to you. There's never any question as to your intentions, and you want what's best for everyone. Of course, you aren't always the most observant. You tend to want the simplest answer to be the correct one. That doesn't mean you don't work hard and finish every task to the end, of course! You're probably the most dependable person in town! It's just that sometimes you find yourself having to respond mid-donut.

Sheriff Harry S. Truman
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You got: Audrey Horne

One thing is for sure, you get what you want. In fact, you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get it, to the point that you sometimes have to be rescued from the mess you've gotten into. You definitely know when to ask for help, though. Nobody is ever really sure if you mean well. In fact, sometimes it seems like you put your nose into the shady business of others only out of pure curiosity. In the long run, you can be a helpful asset, if those who are willing to put in some effort to endear you to them. But once you're devoted, it's forever. To boot, you have great taste in music and fashion, and always seem to be on the cutting edge of everything. Perhaps it's because of your dreamy outlook, and romantic nature.

Audrey Horne
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You got: Pete Martell

You're a sweet person. Very innocent too, although you also see when someone is up to no good, even if you don't understand what it is they're up to. You tend to err on the side of right, but it doesn't usually matter because your naivety causes the wool to be pulled over your eyes. You are great at delivering bad news, from bodies wrapped in plastic, to fishes in the percolator. You're just terrible at being sneaky.

Pete Martell
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You got: The Fish in the Percolator

You just have a real knack for being places you shouldn't be. What's worse, you really sour things for everyone when you force yourself into the situation. Try to do a better job of knowing where you fit in!

The Fish in the Percolator
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You got: Bob

You're a fairly unpredictable person, and it's off-putting. But, it seems like that is what you want. You always show up uninvited and when people least expect it, but that's half of the fun as far as you're concerned. Nobody can tell what exactly your end game is, and that's the way you like it; though, there are a select few who can see through you.

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You got: Agent Gordon Cole

You're the #1 cheerleader of your closest friends, and will drop everything to be at their side. You value people for who they are, not the way they look, and all the rest can fix their hearts or die, as far as you're concerned. It's a good thing that you enjoy some of life's simple pleasures, like a slice of cherry pie, or sitting next to a girl who makes you wish you spoke a little french, because other aspects of your life can cause a lot of stress and confusion. Luckily, you know how to defeat your shortcomings, and because of that others find you a joy to work with. Even if you are a little eccentric.

Agent Gordon Cole
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You got: Leland Palmer

You seem like a kind person on the outside, but deep down something evil is inside you. You're he kind of person who does not own up to their misbehavior easily, and you'll even construct an entire reality in which you are the good guy, just so you can live with yourself. Some might say you are not to blame for the things you've done, and that your actions come from a part of you that you can't control. But, it can be hard to see how you let yourself go so far! Part of you values your family and the life you built, but you just can't seem to maintain your focus on those things, and always let your old bad habits creep back in.

Leland Palmer
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You got: Ed Hurley

You simply don't know how to let go of the past. On the surface, your life seems pretty simple. You probably have a job that is fairly mundane, and are in a long term relationship. You're helpful and dependable, and things are the same for you every day. But, there is another side of you that wishes to go back and change some parts of your life. You see a world in which you made better decisions, and you can't let that vision go. You don't let that vision get in the way of the life you've built, but it also eats away at you when you aren't keeping yourself busy.

Ed Hurley
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You got: Bobby Briggs

You're really talented at making it seem like you care about others, but when it comes down to it you are immature and rather selfish. You don't realize you're doing it, so there is some room for you to be forgiven. All told, you could probably kill someone and not feel too bad until you had to see a photograph of them. Then you might lose it. And boy, when you lose it do you know how to throw a tantrum! Ultimately, you're someone who is just looking for happiness, but you're willing to settle for happiness that is fleeting. You could get it together some day, if you realize that!

Bobby Briggs
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You got: Doctor Lawrence Jacoby

Nobody really trusts you, because you have an untrustworthy face. You're someone who sees the world differently from others because you are looking through a different lens. Although you are guilty of giving in to personal indulgences from time to time, in the end you are willing to open your secret coconut in order to do what's right. You're also don't bother to deny when you've acted like a human being, which is admirable. At the end of the day, you are just someone who is effected very deeply by your attachments to other people and sentimental objects. You are willing to pitch in and help others, even if it means conceding a few of your own personal interests in the process. And even though people think you have a guilty face, you're really a good person who unfortunately gets caught up in other people's drama from time to time.

Doctor Lawrence Jacoby
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