Which of the Children of the Corn are you?

Ever wondered which evil little cult person you are? Answer a few questions and find out if you are worthy of praising he who walks behind the rows.

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  1. Your bossy friend tells you to beat up an old gas station attendant in order to cleanse his soul. What do you do?

    Me, kill? I'll stand back and let the others do the work.
    I will kill him, but not because my friend told me to. I'll do it because it's right.
    I could never kill anyone! Can we play monopoly instead?
    I knew this was going to happen. My friend is bossy and is always pulling these stunts. I'll cover my eyes til it's over.
    I have already run away at this point.
    Verily, I will murder him so he may be clean.
    Why does this guy need to be murdered?! Everybody just go home and calm down.
    **stabbing noises**
  2. You have a really scary dream in which a reanimated corpse jumps up to scare you. When you wake up, how do you react?

    I believe the Lord hath spoken to me.
    Dreams don't mean anything. I go back to sleep even though I should be weirded out.
    I draw a picture of what I saw because it probably means something.
    Gee whiz! I can't believe I dreamed that! Usually I dream of puppies and stuff.
    I do not tell anyone about my dream, even though I secretly believe it is a prophecy.
    I hide under the covers, but it doesn't help.
    I scream!
    I tell my bossy friend about it and see what he thinks.
  3. What kind of vehicle would you like to drive?

    I don't need a car. I can get anywhere on foot! Just try and stop me!
    I don't like my big yellow car, but I'll drive it anyway.
    I'd like to have a car my friends would want to ride in.
    I drew this picture of a car.
    Just your average car, please.
    Something big that I can fit a lot of people in.
    Whatever it is, someone else will be driving me around in it.
    I want the same car as my friend, but in a flashier color.
  4. How do you feel about knives?

    I pull my knife out of the sheath every chance I get
    I don't need a knife. My loved ones will protect me.
    There have been times when I needed a knife, but I morally object to them.
    **holds up many knives**
    I only use one when it is needed, like in a ceremony or to cut up some food.
    I know what a knife looks like, but I don't know anything about using one.
    Where I'm going, we don't need knives!
    Woah! I'll just use a fork and spoon, thank you.
  5. You missed a day of class and didn't turn in your homework assignment on time. How do you try to get your teacher to allow you to turn in the work late?

    I already have the work done, and I'm really nice. So, they'll probably just take it.
    I offer to do extra chores. I am at the teacher's bidding!
    I don't bother. That assignment was too easy and a waste of time anyway.
    I get other people to beg with me. The teacher can't turn us all down!
    I am so well spoken that it makes my teacher uncomfortable. Within a couple minutes, they won't be able to say no.
    I will yell at my teacher until I get what in want.
    I'll just transfer to a different class.
    I will ask politely and smile really big. Positivity goes a long way!
  6. How do you like to spend a Saturday night?

    Well, what's everyone else doing? I want to do that.
    I try to get out of any plans so I can do my own thing
    Playing a board game or listening to music.
    I am really creative and will probably be making something based on my imagination.
    I would like to do something loud and destructive. But of course it's not random activity, IT MEANS SOMETHING.
    I will invite all my friends over and regale them with a bunch of folk tales and stories
    I will probably be trying to help someone else with a project or activity.
    I'm preparing for something important, like an interview.
  7. Describe your ideal date.

    Netflix and kill
    Doing something creative together, like attending a dance class or making cookies
    I do not need a date or companionship. Only the total devotion of my friends.
    We would drive around in the county listening to bad talk radio
    Whatever my date wants to do
    Whatever we do, if I don't like it I will ditch them.
    I would want to do something that involves a crowd
    Let's get a milkshake and talk about our childhood.
  8. You've been summoned for jury duty. How do you reapond?

    I will do my duty as needed.
    I plan to sway the other jurors to agree with me. It won't be hard.
    This is ridiculous. I don't have time for this. It won't go fast enough
    I hope the crime isn't too violent! I don't have much of a stomach for that stuff.
    Whatever this trial is about, I'm sure the crime was just.
    I can get out of this. Watch me!
    I think I will like jury duty. I like working with others.
    I will do it, but I feel like I will know if they are guilty right away. The other jurors will probably agree with me.

Which of the Children of the Corn are you?

You got: Isaac

You're a natural leader! You may seem a little rough around the edges, but the truth is that you are much more mature than your colleagues and you always know just what to say to set project in motion. Others seem to flock to you, even though you kind of make them uncomfortable. Watch out though. Don't let your hubris or trust in others ability to carry out their work be your downfall. Your color: Black Special interests: Folk Art

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You got: Malachi

When you commit to something, you go all in. You're always at the front of the crowd, and you have a real talent for rousing others. You would like to be in control, but the truth is that you're better at taking orders. You're a rule follower and you don't like it when things change. Sometimes you can get too loud, and others find you intimidating. Your color: Ginger Special interest: knives

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You got: Job

You're a really sweet person who manages to see the good in others, evil when they're completely evil. Even though you tend to smile and go with the crowd, deep down you wish to break free and start a new life away from your small town roots. Unfortunately, you sometimes let people walk all over you. Don't wait for the grown ups to do the heavy lifting! Get out there and change your world for the better! Your color: Bloody bow tie Special interest: strawberry milkshakes

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You got: Sarah

People tend to come to you when they need advice. You have a knack for seeing the world as it really is and predicting how events may unfold. Of course, not every thing you say comes true. You're a gentle soul, and often get caught up in flights of fancy, but people don't mind because you're so helpful and important. Your color: big box of 94 Crayola Special interest: ineffectively enflating property fines in monopoly

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You got: Joseph

You're an impulsive person who likes to play by your own rules. If you see something that needs changing, you take matters into your own hands to try and incite change. Unfortunately this means you are also a little toughtless. Sometimes your personal pursuits get you into trouble. Others will not allow you into their circle if you can't sometimes agree to disagree. Your color: broken down car yellow Special interest: overacting

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You got: Rachel

You like to play it safe and do things by the book. When in Rome, you do as the Romans do. This can be a bad thing. It causes you to get caught up in some pretty demanding activities, but it also keeps you safe. Everyone seems to like you, and you often find yourself responsible for important tasks. In short, you're a bit of a brown noser, but it works for you most of the time. Your color: dusty rose Special interests: editing the Bible

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You got: Burt

You are not a child of the corn. You are an outlander and tend not to understand the beliefs of others. You consider yourself the smartest person in the room and don't like being in situations that you aren't allowed to control. Even when people are telling you the right answers, you doubt them and end up having to learn yourself, the hard way. Grow up, Burt! Your color: new car smell Special interests: mocking radio evangelists

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You got: Mob of Knife Brandishing Brats

When a powerful force arises and says "jump" you say "how high, anointed one?" You aren't really interesting enough to have any lines or special jobs in the group, but you know how to work as part of a team, and that's enough. After all, it takes a village. Your color: the blue man Special interests: not washing your face.

Mob of Knife Brandishing Brats
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