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    • SpookyFizz

      In the 1st grade my school had an end of the year sleep over for the entire school. I woke up early because I had to pee but I was told I was allowed to go to the bathroom until after breakfast (2-3 hours later). I held it for about an hour until it hurt. We were busy putting tents away and packing our stuff and I just peed all over myself in one of the tents. I wiped up what I could and his my dirty pants in my backpack, but my teacher found out I peed and screamed at me and made fun of me in front of the entire school. My house wasn’t very far from the school so during breakfast I snuck off and went home instead of hanging out and being made fun of. I even left my stuff there. My mom went down there (mad af) to go get my bags and apparently every kid in my class had something rude to say about me to her and my teacher kept giving her side eye. The teacher ended up being fired and I had to homeschool for two years.

    • SpookyFizz

      I can’t say whether or not Britain is like this because I’ve never been there, but if you honest to god believe America is like that, you’re stupid AF. You really think Americans wait til they’re 18 to drink and don’t get drunk in parks? You might be surprised to know that going to dances is actually a front for getting drunk in parks. Nobody gets excited to let a bad DJ dump Usher into their ear for three hours in a room full of people they probably don’t like. Everyone gets hyped up for dances because they’re gonna ditch to go get wrecked with 20 somethings under a tree. Also, cheer leading isn’t taken seriously for what it is. Cheer leading is taken seriously because it’s the number one way to make sure everyone else in school is your bitch and guarantee popularity and dominance. It is a status symbol, not a sport.

    • SpookyFizz   ""  about 4 years ago
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