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These 10 Creepy Tourist Traps Will Actually Trap Your Soul

You'll wish you never read this.

1. Island of the Dolls – Mexico

Spanglish / Getty Images

The Island of the Dolls is located south of Mexico City in Xochimilco. An island of dolls is pretty creepy, but the story behind the dolls is even creepier. After a little girl drowned in a nearby river, the island's caretaker — Julián Santana — found her doll and hung it up on a tree to ward off the evil spirits that supposedly drowned her. As time passed, he kept adding more and more dolls until the place looked haunted AF. But wait, there's more! 50 years later, Julián was discovered drowned in the exact same spot the little girl was found.

2. Door to Hell – Turkmenistan

Freda Bouskoutas / Getty Images

The Darvaza gas crater (better known as the Door to Hell) is a natural-gas field collapsed into a burning cavern. It's consistently been on fire since 1971 and is not showing any signs of being put out as it would be considered dangerous with the amount of methane it would spread. You're allowed to camp nearby and visit but be careful not to fall in! You might find yourself in hell.

3. Holy Land USA — Waterbury, Connecticut


On a hill near Waterbury, Connecticut, a giant cross overlooks a decrepit theme park that's been closed since 1984. This 50-foot cross marks the location of what used to be Holy Land USA, and despite it's name, it's spooky AF. The Bethlehem and Jerusalem replica was single-handedly created by John Greco who claimed that he received a message from god. This place had its ups and downs but eventually closed down. Now abandoned, people come from all over to see this spooky landmark. Spookier yet, a 16-year-old girl was murdered there. Could her spirit still walk the now unholy grounds?

4. Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia

Buto / Getty Images

Empty prisons are always subject to claims of hauntings, but this facility is on a whole other level. Even during the day, it's been reported that there's a presence that follows you from the second you enter the facility. There are also reports of dark shadows creeping from cell to cell in the dead of night and unseen hands tapping people on the shoulder. Be careful when visiting. The negative energy there is powerful.

5. Willard Asylum — Willard, New York

Atlas Obscura

This New York asylum has been abandoned since 1995, but before that, it was home to the severely mentally disabled. The patients were exposed to vile conditions and mistreatment, and many of them died there. To this day, it's said that their spirits remain amongst the crumbling walls along with their physical belongings. Visitors have reported finding haunting pictures and even clown dolls stuffed into suitcases.

6. Monte Cristo Homestead — Australia


This Victorian manor was built in 1885 and has been labeled “the most haunted house in Australia.” Its title is well deserved because of all the horrible events that have occurred there like a baby that was thrown down the stairs, a pregnant caretaker that was pushed over the balcony, and a boy that burned to death while he slept. There are numerous stories and bone-chilling experiences from the people who have lived here. There were even reports of a housekeeper locking up her mentally ill son in the outhouse for over 30 years. The property is currently open as a bed and breakfast and runs ghost tours. Even the non-believers that have visited leave with second thoughts about the afterlife.

7. Mirny Diamond Mine — Eastern Siberia, Russia

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The Mirny diamond mine was created in 1957 and was oddly resistant to man's attempts at taming it. They even had to use explosives and jet engines to get through the permafrost. The world's second-largest manmade hole, it's over 525-meters deep and has a diameter of 1200 meters. The difference in air temperature over the mine makes it a deathtrap for helicopters and has even been said to have sucked a few into its dark pit. The space above the mine is restricted to air traffic, and you have to have some serious permits to even get close to the edge of the mine.

8. Vampire Grave — Lafayette, Colorado

Karren Doll Tolliver

Many people have taken a trip to Colorado's Lafayette Municipal Cemetery — more famously known as the Vampire Grave. Since 1965, there have been sightings of a tall, pale man in dark clothing with long black hair and claws. In the photo featured above, you can make out the man of the man behind the urban legend, Fodor Glava, who was from Transylvania. This is a creepy attraction especially during Halloween, but don't go after dark. The local authorities are annoyed of trespassers. Oh, and the vampire ghost. That's another reason.

9. The Life-Sized Dolls of Nagoro, Japan,

Google Maps

Nagoro is a shrinking Japanese village populated by life-sized dolls who were placed in schools, buildings, and all around town by Tsukimi Ayano. Tsukimi lived there when she was younger and returned to her village 16 years ago. Faced with loneliness, she started replacing the spots of people who left the village in search of employment and the ones who died. Take a trip around the village, and you will find over 350 dolls located in different places. They could be fishing, working on a field, or simply sitting along the road. No matter what they're posed doing, you can be sure of one thing — as you stare at them, they're staring back.

10. Sedlec Ossuary — Kutna Hora, Czechia

Rustamank / Getty Images

Sedlec may not look like much on the outside, but this spooky chapel will send shivers down your spine. This small Roman Catholic chapel is located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints. The Ossuary is estimated to have 40,000 to 70,000 skeletons of the dead. The chandelier, in particular, has one of every bone in the human body. If these bones could talk, what horrors would they reveal?

What underrated tourist traps of terror have you been to?

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