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The 12 Types Of Slaps You Never Want To Receive

The slap fight is as timeless as it is meaningless, as likely to escalate everything as it is to settle absolutely nothing. But it’s also the most ridiculous physical altercation for everyone not involved, which is why it’s easily the cinematic highlight of Eric Jonrosh’s The Spoils of Babylon, Thursdays at 10/9c on IFC.

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12. The slow-motion slap.

Sky One /

Good gravy, the poor guy's face is just everywhere.

11. The cat-slap battle.

Naps are all fun and games until someone slaps the cat onto its back.

10. The grown-adults-acting-like-cats slap fight.

That escalated quickly.

9. The hands-free slap fight.

Can you even imagine headbutting someone's neck? That's just crazy.

8. The Battleship Slaplactica.

WB /

In space, no one can hear you slap.

7. The push-comes-to-slap fight.

She just wanted some attention, but got slaps all over her face.

6. The one that says it all.

It's very extreme.

5. The Adventure Time-inspired one.

When the slaps get mathematical.

4. The one and done.

RIP hat and guy who got slapped out of it.

3. The flight-of-the-eagle slap.

A full-wingspan slap.

2. The classic misdirect.

Lesson learned: People who don't wear shirts do win slap fights.

1. The shooting-range slappers.

The second these two remember they have guns on their waists...

And then there's anything Tim Robbins dishes out in Eric Jonrosh’s The Spoils of Babylon.


Or Jessica Alba's full-wind-up slap in the same show Thursdays on IFC at 10/9 c.