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11 Reasons People Think Your Relationship With Your Sibling Is Weird

Most people can at least be civil with their brother or sister, but then there are always those weirdos who're just way too friendly with each other. These are some of those moments, but there are even more to come in Eric Jonrosh’s The Spoils of Babylon, Thursdays at 10/9c on IFC.

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1. Your secret handshakes are actually a secret because you refuse to do them in front of anyone else.

2. You hold hands when walking or while at dinner.

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3. When you think of your sibling right before they call...

...and when you already know what they want to talk about.

4. You're each other's favorite underground stand-up comedian.

5. But your favorite punchline's still "That's what your mom said."

6. You dress up as each other for Halloween.


You are also the only people amused by this.

7. You have those pictures of the two of you as kids in the tub without clothes on... still proudly on display.

8. You spend your nights texting each other.

When in the same room. Full of your friends. Which is how we know you're always talking about us.

9. Or you spend the night doing each other's hair.

Maybe do that before we're hanging out?

10. You occasionally sleep in the same bed...

...and you're 11 years or older. Anything older. Even on your 12th birthday.

11. Your hugs either last at least a second too long...

...or end up on the floor.

Or you've done anything Devon and Cynthia Morehouse do in Eric Jonrosh’s The Spoils of Babylon.


All the awkward sibling stuff is on IFC, Thursdays at 10/9c.