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    Simon Pegg Taken by Attic Demon (Continually Updated With New Tweets!)

    Followers of Simon Pegg (@simonpegg) on twitter have witnessed the disappearance and subsequent attempts at the rescue of Scotty. Zombies? Demons? Hobo? Who knows?

    • 1. It all started so innocently..

    • 2. Then, the next day...

    • 3. He begins to get unnerved

    • 4. A natural reaction

    • 5. Probably the scariest part

    • 6. He begins to beg for help

    • 7. The first journey

    • 8. His final transmission

    • 9. His sister....hasn't been heard from since

    • 10. His best friend...and only hope

    • 11. UPDATE - @nickjfrost is on the way!

    • 12. Update - Nick has arrived...bad news

    • 13. Uh oh...

    • 14. Is his Mom still .... in this world?

    • 15. Nick has disappeared, and the director of Shaun of the Dead has sounded his alarm now too

    • 16. Even their director friend has given up hope...

    • 17. They have started tweeting in tongues!

      And by tongues, I mean greek. For those who aren't keen on translating themselves, it says "The children are mine now. They are lost to you. Do not try to find them."

    • 18. Simon's Back! But delusional....

    • 19. Nick's Back Too!

    • 20. Even Simon's Sister has been released!

    • 21. Perhaps Simon isn't back after all?

    • 22. Simon's Still Delusional

    • 23. More Greek and a New Background. Hmmmm?