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Cute Adorable Animal Pictures / Via http://Pinterest

I've recently started a community board at Pinterest. It gives folk another outlet to express their desire to share cute adorable animal pictures with the world.

Life is stressful at times and I personally find that animals have a unique way of soothing and relaxing me. I'm a keeper and carer of ducks and drakes and they make me smile every day. I also have guinea pigs and simply sitting observing them doing the things they do is very relaxing.

I love how people are flocking to my new board, it's growing at a good rate and people are enjoying pinning their favorite pictures.

Every time I visit the board to add new pinners I'm delighted to see new additions and get to have a smile along the way. A very enjoyable activity.

I'd love it if you'd like to visit and check it out. I promise you'll receive a smile:)

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