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Classic Joan Rivers Stand-Up

Today we lost comedy legend Joan Rivers. Over the years she made us all laugh, take a walk down memory lane with the hilarious comedian.

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Joan Rivers on The Ed Sullivan Show 1967

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TheEdSullivanShow / Via YouTube

Even in her 30's Joan was a spitfire. Knocking down doors, making way for future female comedians.

Joan Rivers Stand-Up 1974

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nastalgoteket / Via YouTube

Fashion Police in the making! Joan kept us laughing and remained fashionable at all times.

Joan Rivers Stand-Up On The Tonight Show 1984

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MusicalAtmosphere / Via YouTube

Joan was a trailblazer, she filled in for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show more than 80 times by 1983, when she was named the permanent guest host.

Joan Rivers On Johnny Carson's Tonight Show 1986

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Johnny Carson / Via YouTube

Joan spoke highly of Johnny Carson, "Johnny was the one person who said, 'Yes, she has talent; yes, she is funny.' He was the first person of power who respected was I was doing and realized what I could become. He handed me my career."

Joan Rivers Stand-Up 2007

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Joan Rivers, "Just For Laughs" one of my favorite jokes is, "Women should look good, work on yourselves. Education? I spit on education. No man is ever going to put his hand up your dress looking for a library card."

Joan Rivers Returns To The Tonight Show 2014

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TheTonightShowStarringJimmyFallon / Via YouTube

Joan finally returned to the Tonight Show when Jimmy Fallon took over the show in February. Johnny Carson banned Joan from the show when she got her own show on Fox in 1986, the two never spoke again. In 1992, when Jay Leno took over the show he continued the ban.

RIP Joan 1933 - 2014

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