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10 Of The Best Cartoon Sidekicks

These scene stealing stars no longer have to play second fiddle to their top spot besties. Allow them to bask in the glory of making the list.

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1. Minions

Via Universal Pictures

These banana and apple (or bapples as they call them) loving creatures are fiercely loyal to Gru and Dr. Nefario. The Minions are eager to please, and very funny. After such success and popularity in "Despicable Me, 1 and 2", the Minions have their own movie coming out in 2015.

Minions Funny Video

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2. Dory

Via Disney

Dory and her short term memory provide loads of laugh out loud moments. She helped Marlin find his son in, "Finding Nemo" and taught us, 'When life gets you down you have to, just keep swimming, just keep swimming'. "Finding Dory" will be in theaters in 2016.

Funniest Dory Moments

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3. Patrick Star

Via Nickelodeon

It's all in a name. Patrick Star, Sponge Bob Square Pants dimwitted best friend may have mastered the "art of doing nothing," he's also mastered the art of keeping us laughing.

Patrick Star's Funniest Moments

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4. Donkey

Via DreamWorks

Donkey, the fun loving, talkative, dramatic, happy-go-lucky, bff to Shrek, husband to Dragon, and Dad to the Dronkey's. We can't get enough of the comedic noble steed.

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

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Piglet's Bath

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7. Shaggy

Via WarnerBros

Shaggy is a food loving hippie that can run faster than a speeding bullet when he's afraid. Zoinks! Scooby-Doo's best buddy is like totally awesome dude,

Funny Shaggy Moments

Via DailyMotion

8. Odie


Garfield's kind-hearted, slobbering best friend, deserves to be on this list for putting up with Garfield's constant insults and harsh treatment. What we love most about Odie, is that he always wears a smile.

All About Odie

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Funny Bullwinkle Moment

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