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These Cats Need Homes: Siamese

5 Siamese Cats on Petfinder that need homes

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1. Dotar in Franklin, New Jersey

Live in New Jersey? So does Dotar!

Dotar is a young boy who came from a high kill shelter. He seemed like a normal kitten except for his distended belly. He had been dewormed already so we werent sure what the problem was but we knew that if we didnt take him out of there he didnt stand a chance. It turns out that his kidneys werent salinated enough, after a water deprivation study at the vets office he is just like any other cat. His coloring should be Lynx point but there is no option for it.

2. Ivy in Auburn, New York

Live in New York? Ivy does too!

"Ivy is a striking cat. Her coat color is a cross between Siamese and tiger cat - she's truly beautiful and friendly, as well. Come check her out!"

3. Bello in New York, New York

If you live in New York you're in luck... because so does Bello!

Bello is a 1y lynx point Snowshoe/Siam with lots of purrsonality. He loves to cuddle with his person and plays well with other kitties. He loves to sit on his foster mom's lap when she is on the computer and nap while she is typing but when the music comes on, Bello comes alive--he loves music videos. He sleeps with his arms around his foster mom or touching her cheek or with his cheek on her cheek. Bello also has the Siamese trait in bonding strongly with one purrson. He adores his purson but is wary of newcomers--he doesn't believe in kissing on the first date (smart kitty!). If an adopter likes to be owned by her cat, Bello fits the bill. He should be adopted to a home with another playful cat.

5. Piper in Brooksville, Florida

Live in Florida? Piper does too!

"Pretty Girl Piper is a real sweetheart, she is a Siamese long hair mix, possibly part Ragdoll, she has tabby strips and dark tan coloring with the Siamese points and Blue, Blue eyes. Piper is young and very loving, she wants to be the center of your attention. Please consider Piper for your next pet. She would love to be in your "forever" home."


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