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    • spinsley

      Obi Samir- How ridiculous and typical of a revisionist with not so hidden agendas! The Jewish people were offered Uganda, but would never accepted this as an alternative to the land promised them not only by God, but as is recalled in the Koran as rightfully the land of the Jews! The “Palestinians” weren’t even in the land when Mark Twain traveled through it in the late 19th century, only small pockets of poverty stricken Jews were)! They came much later from neighboring Arabic lands to build Ottoman homes. And please, don’t raise the fairy tale that Palestine is a derivative of Philistine. The Philistines were seafaring people originating from Europe! But, you know what, we must get along and we must build this whole region together. Israel has set the example, taking an arid and swamp-laden, malaria infested land with no natural resources and making it into the beautiful place it is. Instead of hating us, being jealous of our accomplishments, let’s work together to make all the deserts bloom! It’s called, Tikun Olam”, my potential friend.

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