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Tell Us About Your Childhood Batman Obsession

Tell us your stories here.

As adults, a lot of us really love Batman. In fact, we may secretly wish we could be Batman.

The Wingsuit Batman™ 12" Figurine, with winged arms outstretched, in the packaging

Maybe you're a parent now. One of the great things about being a parent is you get to relive childhood again with your kid.

A father and son are having a blast playing a video game together

Childhood was that magical time when you could walk around in public yelling “I’m Batman” and people thought it was adorable. So when you were young, did you imagine you were Batman?

A boy, eyes closed, stands in the wind on a gray day

Did you come out at night to defend your city, aka the backyard?

A backyard deck lit up in the evening

Maybe you had your own Bat-Signal.

A hand holds a red flashlight

Did you spend hours alone, creating your own villains and storylines?

A boy in his room at night, drawing at at his desk

All images courtesy of Spin Master and Getty Images.

We want to know! So share your favorite childhood Batman stories (and bonus points if you upload pictures!) via the comments below and they may appear in a future BuzzFeed article! And check out the new Wingsuit Batman™ Figurine here.

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