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    • spinchange

      No, the law as it is written does not provide for the NSA, an agency that is supposed to be collecting foreign signal intelligence, to collect telephone records of hundreds of millions of Americans. I voted for and donated twice to President Obama’s campaign and consider this unacceptable. It’s exacerbated by the fact that his DOJ is spying on the press, blocking FOIA requests and generally throwing the book at whistleblowers to an unprecedented degree. I, for one, want more transparency, not less. That’s what he ran on, that’s what I voted for.

    • spinchange

      Sadly, this is not nothing. I’ve long been one to tell my conservative friends to STFU about it and stop politicizing the issue, but it’s clear my own party’s administration had done *exactly* that. Let me be clear: It doesn’t rise to the level of criminality. It probably isn’t the POTUS’s fault, but obviously shit was not right at the State Dept. from senior management on down, and they screwed the preparedness and response to this up in a major way. Has everyone forgotten them all publicly blaming a stupid Youtube video saying they were going to go after the guy who made it for nearly weeks on end afterward? That was chilling then, and it’s even more chilling now.  I even used to point to the report that was conducted. “Yes, look, they’ve investigated it. People have been fired, etc.” But even that is proving to be a surface-level thing and the people fired were career, mid-level, civil-servants operating in dysfunctional management culture said to “husband resources” (like, ahem, security forces) They were unceremoniously & quietly let go to protect the higher-ups who set the whole framework.  The more that comes out, the worse it looks and I say this as a supporter of the President and the Clintons generally. I don’t think it’s Obama’s fault, but it seems pretty clear that was handled embarrassingly poorly at, or between Hillary’s State Dept., and it’s just a real damn shame.

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