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12 Stocking Stuffers That Seemed Lame As A Kid But Are Totally Legit Now

You never thought you'd see the day when practical things were so high up on your wish list!

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1. Socks


In your tot years, socks were nothing to be psyched about, but now you're all about keeping your toes toasty. Whether they're preciously patterned or cozy wool, let your socks be the canvas of your dreams.

4. Bathtime Luxuries

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You've long since ditched the duckies of bathtime's past for fancy bath bombs and soaps that make your tub sesh 10 times better. However, you're still not above making a beard from the bubbles.

5. Writing Untensils


Coming out of your childhood stocking, pens and pencils were easily overlooked. Even if you have scrawl that looks like it belongs to a child, you know better now, and still seek out quality, fine-tipped writing utensils.

7. Stationery


At the cusp of a IMing world, child, you had no use for stationery except for writing thank-you notes to your grandma. It's time to come back to the handwritten age, because nothing makes you feel more adult-like than corresponding via personalized and elegant stationery.

8. Candles

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When someone received a candle during the holidays, you never understood their excitement for those three-wick beauties. Now that you can be around an open flame unsupervised, you'd be satisfied with an entire stocking stuffed with an array of scents.

10. Home Decor Items


As a child, your design aesthetic was whatever your parents decided, so obviously interest in home decor was minimal. As long as whoever is filling your stocking knows your style, bring on the pillow shams, picture frames, and knickknacks!

11. Notebooks


Back in the day, notebooks revolved around your school subjects. Now, you have new subjects and cuter notebooks for all your dream, spending, food, fashion, gratitude, and daily journals.

12. Mugs

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As a kid, mugs never meant much, but now that you're an adult with an established caffeine addiction, they're a wonderful form of self-expression.

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