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12 Ways To Make Ramen Into Everything

Ramen all the things! For more surprising food combinations, watch Frankenfood on Sundays at 10/9c on SPIKE. Hosted by Chefs Josh Capon and Tony Luke Jr.

1. Ramen + Burger: The most famous of them all

Aubree Lennon/BuzzFeed

Use the noodles AS A BUN. That's right. A BUN. Keizo Shimamoto, you are a genius. Thank you for introducing this miracle of a food mash-up into our lives. Crafty individuals can learn how to make their own here.

2. Ramen + Peanut Butter

onay davus/CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: quite-dapper

Oh yeah. Peanut butter is AWESOME with ramen. Add some sriracha and scallions, and you've got an awesome spicy peanut noodle dish. Mmmhmm.

3. Ramen + Cheese: The grilled cheese you've always wanted

Courtesy of Sarah J. Gim/TheDeliciousLife / Via

Add some kimchi for the ultimate version of your favorite comfort food.

4. Ramen + Salad

Joy/CC BY http://2.0 and Color Corrected / Via Flickr: joyosity

Don't have croutons? Don't need 'em! Crumble up some (dry) ramen noodles, and now you've got an awesome Asian-inspired salad.

5. Ramen + Pizza

6. Ramen + Lasagna

Courtesy of Cooktestant/

Do you need lasagna noodles? No. USE RAMEN NOODLES.

7. Ramen + Hot Wings

8. Ramen + Trail Mix

Courtesy of The Candid RD / Via

For when you need a little ramen on the go.

9. Ramen + Burrito

Courtesy of Tiger Wang

A ramenrito if you will. Substitute the rice for ramen, and all your dreams will come true. You can try this bad boy at Press Tea in NYC.

10. Ramen + Nachos

Courtesy of The Ramen Rater/ / Via

RAMEN. WITH. EVERYTHING. (This is technically yakisoba... but technicalities aside.)

11. Ramen Chocolate!

Perpetual Kid / Via

We said everything. Even chocolate.

12. Ramen + Soap

soapDROOL on Etsy / Via

OK, so technically this is just ramen-shaped soap. BUT... think about it. Washing yourself with ramen. Awesome, right?

Check out Frankenfood, Sundays at 10/9c on SPIKE.

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