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10 Times Kevin Hart Was Thinking Exactly What You Were Thinking

He's not just the King of Comedy, he's also the Archduke of Reaction GIFs. Tune in to see Kevin Hart on GUYS CHOICE, Wednesday June 11, 9/8c on SPIKE. With Rihanna, Key & Peele, Matthew McConaughey, Andy Samberg, and many more.

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1. When someone tells you you should try a juice cleanse.

2. That time you accidentally hit "reply all."

3. When you get to work mad late, but nobody notices because your boss is late too.

4. That time your crush caught you staring at them.

5. That time a friend at work started talking about a dream they had.

6. When she tells you she has a boyfriend... AFTER she lets you buy the drink.

7. When you're hate-following someone on Instagram.

8. The time you thought wearing a suit would make you look sharp.

9. When someone overestimates the amounts of f***s you're gonna give about their awesome story.

10. When you GOT THIS.

Watch Kevin Hart tear it up at the Guys Choice Awards, Wednesday, June 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT only on Spike TV.

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