14 Reality Show Archetypes You Might Know IRL

If you look closely, you’ll find the same types of over-the-top personalities both on TV and in real life. Get to know these archetypes and more on the all new The Joe Schmo Show, premiering January 8 at 10/9c on Spike TV.

1. The Angry Wild Child

The entire cast of Bad Girls Club, at least one character on each season of America’s Next Top Model and Real World.

2. The One Who’s Here To Win

3. The One With The Catch Phrase

Honey Boo Boo Child, most of the Jersey Shore cast.

4. The One With The Dark Past

5. The Aspiring Singer

Heidi Montag, David from The Real World: New Orleans.

6. The No-BS Pretty Girl

7. The Mid-Life Crisis

Big Brother’s Mike “Boogie”.

8. The Arm Candy

9. The Delusional Douche

The Situation, Slade Smiley of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Survivor’s Jeff Kent.

10. The Regular Non-Threatening Bro

11. The Insufferable Quirky Girl

Kenley Collins of Project Runway, Marjorie Conrad of ANTM.

12. The Muscular Competitor

13. The Judgmental Goody-Two-Shoes

Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Laura Kathleen of Project Runway.

14. The Sob Story

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