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Paid PostPosted on Jul 5, 2017

13 Worldly Alec Baldwin Facts That Prove He’s A National Treasure

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1. His full name is Alexander Rae Baldwin III...which literally makes him Alexander the Third.

David Mcgough / The LIFE Picture Collection/Gett

A name fit for an English king! (Or Irish, perhaps.)

2. He's a big dog lover and, at one point, owned as many as 11!

Alo Ceballos / FilmMagic

(He currently owns a more manageable two.)

3. He knows how to steer a submarine.

Sunset Boulevard / Getty Images

While filming The Hunt for Red October, the Navy gave Baldwin and his costars unprecedented access to and training for their submarines.

According to CIA records, this was because they were convinced the film would have a similar cultural impact as Top Gun.

4. He almost went to law school.

Archive Photos / Getty Images

Baldwin went to George Washington University, majoring in political science with the goal of eventually attending law school. However, midway through, he transferred to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts to study drama.

5. Before getting his break in acting, he worked as a busboy at Studio 54.

Deborah Feingold / Getty Images

This was one of many pre–acting career jobs, which included limo driving and selling T-shirts at BFO Menswear.

6. He also worked as a Long Island beach lifeguard while studying at NYU.

Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

He was waiting tables at a health club when a friend introduced him to a lady from NBC, which led to his break in daytime soap The Doctors.

7. He's an ardent practitioner of yoga.

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis / Getty Images

No doubt in no small part to his wife, Hilaria, who is a qualified yoga instructor!

8. And he's a pretty huge philanthropist. The Alec Baldwin Foundation gives away between $2–4 million each year.

Paul Zimmerman / WireImage

In the mid-2000s, he signed one TV commercial deal for $15 million and gave the entire amount to charity (which came to around $14.1 million after deductions and taxes). That's a bit more than just pocket change!

9. He's a classical music aficionado.

Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

He also once hosted a radio show for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, which he has also donated to.

10. He holds the record for the most appearances hosting Saturday Night Live with 17.

Jim Spellman / WireImage

His first appearance was in 1990, over 17 years ago.

11. He was in consideration for Tim Burton's Batman.

Mitchell Gerber / Getty Images

Of course, both worked together on Beetlejuice, only for the role to go to his co-star Michael Keaton.

He was also first choice to play Luke Wilson's role of Frank Vitchard in Anchorman.

12. His family literally came over on the Mayflower.

Monica Schipper / WireImage

Albeit, his - *deep breath* - first cousin seven times removed's husband's second great-grandfather was one of the pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock

Baldwin is related to John Howland, who was a "manservant and executive assistant for Governor John Carver".

13. He came a pretty respectable 9th in People Magazine's "Most Beautiful People in the World" ranking in 1990.

Ron Galella / WireImage

Acting chops and beautiful chops!

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