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11 DIY Kitchen Projects You Won't Need A Contractor For

Contractors can be great, but they can also be the world’s biggest hassle. On his new series Catch a Contractor, Adam Carolla and his team are tracking down shoddy contractors and bringing them to justice. Tune in to the series premiere on Sunday, March 9 at 10/9c on SPIKE.

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1. Turn your pots and pans into art with a hanging rack.

This tutorial uses copper pipes (no soldering required), and it looks awesome.

2. Make a plain tea set into a clever trompe l'oeil.

StockPhotosLV / Via Shutterstock

With a few porcelain markers and patience, you can turn a plain set into a fun display piece. Check out the tutorial here.

3. Use bright plates for a no-commitment way to add color to a wall.

4. Add a bright backsplash.

Portlandia / Via Shutterstock

This tin one will run you around $50-$100; you should be able to install it in under three hours with only some scissors and industrial glue.

5. Add some industrial farm chic with a repurposed basket light.

This blogger did it for $15.

If you get burned by a bad contractor, Adam Carolla has your back.

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Catch a Contractor premieres March 9 at 10/9c on SPIKE.

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