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    • spica22

      I am going to answer some of your questions and make some not-so-obvious points. 1) I think this is according to the women themselves. It’s according to their perception. That is why Dove is saying that women are actually more attractive than how they see themselves.  2) Maybe it’s based on research. Maybe it’s based on the fact that we all have our insecurities. Besides, it’s not Dove who said the word “uglier.” It’s Ms. Ellie Hall. Maybe you should ask her why she thinks the drawings on the left are uglier than those on the right.  3) Are you saying that disfigurements, scars, etc. would make a person ugly? They certainly mar a person’s features, but then again that’s only at the surface.  4) It’s for the symbolism that they picked it: purity, simplicity. I mean look at it this way: Angelina Jolie is basically just a pretty human, but at the end of the day, she’s still a human being who pees, poops, farts, etc. It’s what she stands for that makes her special.  5) Dove is basically a product aimed at women. It has a line for male products, but I don’t think they’ve fully developed it. Anyway, more people seem to think that this is NOT total bullshit. Thank you.

    • spica22

      “In every example, the women drawn from self-descriptions are uglier than those drawn fromastranger’s description.” Ms. Ellie Hall,Idon’t know what you’re trying to prove in this statement, but this is just wrong.Astatement like this shows us why women look at themselves so poorly. They already haveanegative self-image, and then you go on to say that their self-image is, indeed, ugly. Yeah. That helpsalot.
      Ithink it’s really good that Dove is doing this. They’re not the ones saying “Oh, having fair skin is totally gorgeous,” or “Long, soft, shiny, straight hair is the best.” They’re saying, “We all have insecurities; we are harsher judges of ourselves. But you see, we’re all beautiful. Other people find us beautiful. So each of us should think that we’re beautiful in our own way.”

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