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    Merkel: From Narcissism To Depression

    In the run-up to the Bundestag election the confrontation between supporters and opponents of the German chancellor has been exacerbated.

    In the run-up to the Bundestag election the confrontation between supporters and opponents of the German chancellor has been exacerbated. Both sides dish tons of dirt not only on the participating politicians, but also on the article writers. My colleague got it in the neck too. It happened because his opinion was taken home by such Mrs. Merkel's media adversaries as the Daily Mail and Breitbart

    For my part I wish to reaffirm that Dr. Maaz is a genuinely recognized authority in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. I can't tell if he focused specifically on Mrs. Merkel's case, for no significant professional would reveal such confidential data without patient's wish. Therefore it is well-known that he helped me during my work over the article about alcohol addiction among female politicians published in particular by the Buzzfeed, and consulted with SOBA Recovery Center (Malibu, CA, USA) experts on some extremely influential lady from the German government and her problems with alcohol. That is why I feel obligated to intercede for my colleague.

    Mrs. Angela Merkel is a public figure. Thereupon virtually any mental health professional is able to compile a list of her personality disorders based on an analysis of her behavior, actions, and decisions. The main difficulty of such analysis is that nosological entities acquired due to her professional activities intercross, overlap and mix with previously obtained pathologies. Besides, some specific signs might be artificially suppressed by means of dialectical behavioral or cognitive analytic therapy in combination with drug treatment (courses of neuroleptic and antidepressant medication). This goes to prove that the German chancellor's personality disturbances emerged a long time ago. She faces it with courage resorting to such foreign psychiatric experts as SOBA Recover Center ones.

    I assume that it all started with borderline personality disorder (BDP). It is not a disease in abstracto, but a pattern of abnormal behavior occurring in a young person with slight symptoms and trivial deviations. But inconsistency and frequent abrupt turnabouts both in the political decision making and interpersonal relationships of Mrs. Merkel suggest that she has it. Surely a good politician should show flexibility and skill of meeting the situation. There is a line where a flexible politician externally turns into a villainous traitor stepping across it, however.

    Mrs. Merkel has been generally accepted as a personification of tough-mindedness. During her entire political career she has been a clever flip-flopper, equally stigmatizing both her fellow party members got caught on the same faults she had committed and her patrons who had got into a predicament. At first sight the acting chancellor's role in the relationship with Lothar de Maiziére who brought her into the CDU of East Germany and with Helmut Kohl who is considered to be her teacher and 'political father' and his family resembles a story of a rigorous place-hunter stepping on her patrons to get ahead. Yet, Mrs. Merkel's rushing into extremities from tender affection to sudden total rejection refers to afflictive but implacable BDP pathway.

    In addition, partiality to the high and mighty, idealization of them and following disappointment accompanied with turbulent feelings, - these are some of narcissistic cardinal symptoms, Dr. Maaz wrote of. About this time Madam Chancellor reveals such specific character of narcissistic patients as difficulty with empathy. In an effort to 'throw Helmut Kohl over the bridge' she dragged his wife into the scandal, while being her best friend and knowing about Hannelore's critical condition. People could observe a classic expression of this symptom two years ago during a televised debate on the refugee problem in the city of Rostock. A dispassionate move-to-tears of paralyzed Palestinian child touched feelings of the mass media and social networks. This was a show where Mrs. Merkel demonstrated lack of tact, as well as inability to show compassion and any art of acting.

    It is worth noting that less than two months after the TV broadcast Mrs. Merkel announced opening borders for refugees and migrants. This decision compelled Dr. Maaz to try to warn about pathological behavior of the chancellor. Because of those sudden swings of the political course of the powerful decision-maker even an unsophisticated layperson cannot help but think of his mental health. Dr. Maaz just conducted additional behavioral analysis and made an anticipated forecast, denouncing an imminent psychological or psychosomatic collapse.

    Therefore he delicately dissembled the fact of concurrently developing tokens of another much more serious personality disorder. There is every reason to believe that Angela Merkel has not been spared depression. That is a mental affection of all public people who suffer from constant psychological pressure and forced daily regime as well as eating disturbance. Mrs. Merkel is aware about her malady and tries to cope with the disease using both medical treatment and ordinary alcohol for relaxation. It's no coincidence that her most well-known images are with liquor in her hand or with her hands resting in front of her stomach in the Merkel diamond witnessing unsociable demeanour.

    Recently the chancellor became aware about Germans' psychic health within labour protection and appealed employers to legalize depression, if the expression may be tolerated. It is at least odd to see the concern for the latent depressed on the part of the woman who had forced tears from a paralytic child's eyes. This comprehension is possible just given that she experienced similar sufferings of a depressed person. Also such somatic disorders as kidney breakdown (baggy skin below eyes), gastrointestinal disorders (sallow complexion) and recurrent weight changes imply depression. They might be just a side effect of antidepressant and neuroleptic treatment, or they could be a sign of psychotic depression.

    In view of the above Mrs. Merkel's statement that Germany and Europe should paddle their own canoe and 'take our fate into our own hands,' I'm afraid, is an outcome of spring acerbation of the deep depressive personality disorder. It may safely be said that disastrous result of her open door policy, conducted with actual narcissistic derealization and anosognosia, led to logical depressive result. Morbid inability to acknowledge mistakes forces Mrs. Merkel to assert herself by means of exaggeration of her own significance and laying blame for her mistakes on others.

    On this basis it is possible to honestly conclude that the present Germany's chancellor suffers from several progressive personality disorders. In this connection I strongly recommend to stop neglecting the problem, but to recognize it and urge efforts to combat it. It must be remembered that a narcissist in depression is no less dangerous than a patient suffering from any other psychotic pathology. Narcissist in depression at power is twice as dangerous.

    Wolfgang Sperling, Prof. Dr. med

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